Studies have shown that close to 5 billion people read, get entertained, chat and study on the internet in 2021. That’s more than half of the global population, and the number continues to increase. People enjoy unique, relevant, entertaining and helpful topics. This is the reason bloggers use various tools on their websites. However, popups can help improve the way readers engage with your content.

Blogs are not just spaces for expressing your ideas or narrating your experiences; they are channels for brand awareness and sales promotion. This implies that it is a platform where you can reach out to your target audience and share your unique selling proposition. This is the reason why many businesses and writers set up blogs today.

Blogs are helpful for your business because they create a space where you can enlighten both prospective and old customers about your products, services, accomplishments, etc. Furthermore, you can attract traffic and signups, which generates revenue.

So how do you improve the visibility of your blog and grow its content?

Let me show you how LeadForza can help you achieve this.

Collect Contacts

Blogs require visitors all the time. With loyal visitors, there is a high chance that your brand will be referred to their friends.   However, no one converts to loyalty after simply visiting the page. Always remember that it takes time to create that atmosphere of trust between a reader and an author.

To win your readers’ loyalty, you will have to use popups to collect their emails and periodically send them emails. Even though they may seem a bit dated, emails are still an effective tool for connecting with customers.

You can also carry out sales promotions via email subscription.

Ensure your popup has a compelling offer that will attract people, such as this:

Lead Gen, Signups


In addition to that, you can interact with your reader at a deeper level. You can offer them a free gift like discounts, ebook, membership etc.

Redirect Readers to Online Store

If your blog has an online store or you are into affiliate marketing, there’s always a need to encourage your readers to check out the other website.

To this effect, you can use different popup templates to create a promotional campaign. For instance, you can evoke a sense of urgency by adding a countdown timer to your campaign. This will show that the offer is time-limited, hence creating the fear of missing out and persuading your readers to act fast.

You can also add a non-intrusive, fixed notification bar to your blog. This way, your readers can see the information when they read your content every time.

Notification Bar

Social Media Engagement

As your readers engage on social media, you can encourage them to share your content or connect with your pages on social media — whether on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest.

Social media is among the best platforms for marketing and growing your brand.  You can also promote your content to potentially millions of people who will find it interesting.

You can use social media popups to get your readers to share your content or follow your page.

social popups



To succeed as a blog owner, you’ll need to engage your readers and get them involved in your brand. LeadForza popups can help you achieve this. Ensure your content is relevant, interesting and engaging. This is key to creating a loyal reader base that keeps coming back.