When properly put to use, popups can be highly effective. They can engage your site visitors and boost your traffic.

But what are popups? How do they improve your eCommerce store? This article will furnish you with all the information you need!

What are the benefits of using popups in your eCommerce store?

Popups are marketing tools that are set up to display crucial messages based on visitors’ actions. For example, when there’s a plan to abandon carts or scroll to a certain part of the website.

In the past, popups were associated with negative user experiences. They used to be very distracting and intrusive. As an eCommerce store owner, you have to adhere to the best popup practices, so you won’t frustrate your visitors and cause them to stay away from your site.

An engaging and well-positioned popup will positively impact your store’s relationship with visitors. It can add value to your business by growing your business revenue, optimizing traffic, reducing cart abandonment rates and building your crucial email list.

How to Use Popups Correctly

We will examine the “do” and “don’t” of using eCommerce popups to boost user engagement and traffic.



There’s nothing more effective than a well-timed popup based on artificial intelligence. It is recommended that you set your popup to at least 10 seconds before showcasing it to your site visitors.

Keep your popup consistent with your brand image:

Keep your popup consistent with your brand image: A popup that doesn’t fit in with your brand image is annoying and distracting. Ensure that your popup’s wording, color combinations and visuals match your brand design.


Don’t be too salesy with your popup. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your visitors and highlight the solutions to their needs. Endeavour to show them that you are on their side. Not as a business taking advantage of them for profit.

Always use images:
It takes about 5 seconds to grab a customer’s interest. This is why images are compulsory. They are visually engaging and elicit emotional responses, allowing you to send a message faster than just texts.


Entry Popups:

In most cases, entry popups can upset your site visitors. Anyone visiting your site for the first time to understand how your business can solve their problem will be inconvenienced by entry popups.

Popups that aren’t relevant:

Imagine a scenario where a visitor is learning about your services on your webpage, and then a sales-related popup appears. It will irk them.

In this situation, we recommend that you provide them with valuable information in return for their email address, or present them with an interactive quiz that guides them in locating the ideal product for their needs. This will help improve your credibility and brand reputation while growing customer trust.

Multiple popups in a single session

When you place multiple popups in a single session, it will negatively impact your store’s user experience. It might seem distracting and obtrusive to your site visitors, annoying them in the process.

So, what are the ideal popup templates that can help you grow your eCommerce traffic and improve your sales?

Let’s explore some of them below:

Ideal popup templates that can help you grow your eCommerce traffic and improve your sales


Provide discount deals to your visitors in return for newsletter sign ups.

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A newsletter is a fantastic marketing strategy for engaging your customers, passing across valuable information/stories and creating brand awareness. The best thing about using newsletters is that they drive traffic to your site.

You can position your beautiful popup on your web page, using it to display a promotional offer or discount coupon to first-time shoppers on your site in return for their email addresses. This will motivate them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Another strategy is to give out free but valuable eBooks in exchange for newsletter subscriptions. Many visitors surf the net to find helpful information and won’t hesitate to grab the offer.

This popup template can also be used with exit-intent technology. This will effectively lower your bounce rate and reduce cart abandonment.

Make the most of seasonal offers

Seasonal offers are great ways to reward, engage and get in touch with older customers while showcasing your store to new ones.

There’s always a rise in purchases during seasonal holidays. This can account for a substantial chunk of your yearly earnings. So, ensure you make the most of this period.

Seasonal offers are similar to other deals and freebies, such as special membership access, new customer price slash and free eBooks.

Offer free shipping to boost your average order value

The eCommerce industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Last year, eCommerce stores across the world accrued close to 5 trillion US$ in sales. This reflects the popularity and growth of online shopping. A key feature of online shopping is the shipping cost.

At some point, e-commerce store owners can bear shipping costs and transfer the savings onto their customers. This won’t affect their business revenue or growth in any way.

Furthermore, free shipping instils fear of missing out (FOMO) especially when it is available for a limited time or with a countdown clock.

It is an effective strategy for boosting your store’s average order value.

Use time-limited offers to lower your cart abandonment rate

Notification Bar for websites

Cart abandonment is a big issue for eCommerce stores worldwide. This is a situation where a shopper adds items to their cart but “abandons” the site without finalizing the purchase.

You can use a popup to display a time-limited discount or free shipping to visitors, especially on the checkout page. This encourages them to finalize their purchase.

Notify returning shoppers where they stopped.

It’s a busy world and there’s such a thing as information overload. It’s understandable that your customers can get distracted and may not pay adequate attention.

A popup can assist in this situation. You can set up a popup to notify returning customers about where they stopped. It’s similar to a bookmark in a voluminous text. It’s also a way of telling your customers, “we haven’t forgotten about you!”, and everyone values that feeling. It’s a way of creating a personalized experience for your customers.

Offer a discount deal in return for feedback

pop up

You will need feedback to improve your eCommerce store and you need to see things from your customers’ perspective. This is why you need to use the feedback popup. It is a spectacular tool that can add value to your site.

A feedback popup can request simple feedback from your site visitors even when they don’t make purchases. This will help you find out where you need to improve to win them back.


The best way to grow your eCommerce store is to provide a tailored shopping experience to your customers. This will positively impact your brand recognition and customer loyalty. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this.

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