Cart abandonment is one of the biggest problems most eCommerce websites face. In fact, the average rate of cart abandonment across all sectors was 88.05% in 2020. That is a whole lot of revenue being lost.

Imagine you can get all these back or at least recover a larger percentage of these lost sales. Thankfully, you can. One of the most effective ways to recover cart abandonment is through the use of sales popups.

These popup widgets help create a sense of urgency in prospects, ensuring they make purchase decisions.

Creating popup notifications is very easy. With Leadforza, for instance, you can create more than 20 different sales notifications that you can integrate into an eCommerce website, sell faster than before and recover lost sales.

Beyond these notifications, there are other ways you can put an end to cart abandonment and increase your sales substantially.


  1. Incentivizing First Time Purchases

One of the most effective ways you can prevent cart abandonment is by incentivizing first-time purchases. Offering discount codes to first-time buyers can serve as the needed nudge on their back.

This can be even more effective for buyers who had little buying interests initially. Seeing that completing the purchase may come as a bargain can be all you need to ensure they do not leave the product in their carts.


  1. Build Trust with Leadforza

Trust issues are one of the major reasons for high cart abandonment. An eCommerce website is unlike a brick-and-mortar store, so shoppers cannot see and touch products physically and try them before buying.

This means they are wary of buying from just any online store. However, you can bridge this gap with a platform like Leadforza.

Leadforza is an easy-to-use tool that helps marketers to design highly effective social proof popups that will help them boost sales and increase conversions.

You can design varieties of popup and notifications that will work in their unique ways in helping you eliminate abandoned carts.

Some of these widgets you can create includes a live counter, conversions counter, random review, countdown timer.

  • Live Counter: Provides real-time updates on conversions and sales of a product.
  • Conversions Counter: Gives prospects the total number of conversions you have which is an effective social proof, just like the live counter widget.
  • Random Review: Provides positive reviews and testimonials from other customers to convince prospects of the authenticity of a product.

These widgets, among many others, can go a long way in giving prospects the needed confidence and trust in your brand.

  1. Leverage FOMO Marketing

FOMO means the fear of missing out. Using checkout notifications that update customers when a customer completes a purchase can make other prospects do the same.

Checkout notifications can also show the number of items available in stock. As the products reduce, web visitors become under pressure due to a fear of missing out and end up making impulse purchases.


  1. Add More Payment Options

Another reason web visitors abandon their carts is that they cannot find a preferred payment option. They end up getting discouraged and resole to cart abandonment.

This is why you need to integrate as many major payment gateways as possible such as PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, payment on delivery, etc.


  1. Cart Recovery Messages

Sending abandoned cart recovery reminders is another way to cut cart abandonment. Usually, all that customers need is a reminder. You can send reminders via emails, social media platforms like Facebook Messenger, and SMS.

Asking online shoppers for their email address or other contact details at the beginning of the checkout process is a great way to get their information in case they end up abandoning their cart.


  1. Take Another look at your Pricing

Pricing and billing is a huge factor in abandoned carts. Therefore, if you are experiencing high cart abandonment rates, re-examine your prices and ensure they are fair.

If you believe they are affordable compared to the services and products on offer and what your competitors offer, try and offer discounts for customers who buy more or provide free shipping.

Besides being too high, customers may still abandon their carts if the prices are too low. If the prices are way too small, most people will believe it to be a façade or not of good quality.


  1. Reward Loyal Customers

Most eCommerce websites make the mistake of offering discounts to new customers only. While that may be effective, you also need to balance it up and ensure you don’t lose existing customers.

Rewarding regular customers with juicy deals and discounts not only keeps them loyal to your brand but can also motivate new customers to complete as many purchases as possible in order to qualify for these sort of deals.

This can effectively ensure every cart gets emptied and purchases are made, reducing cart abandonment.

Although cart abandonment is a huge problem for most eCommerce websites, trying out some of these ways can help eliminate or reduce it.