Whether you measure the worth of sales popups by the time it takes to design and deploy into your website or the money you may spend on them, sales popups and web notifications are certainly worth it.

However, considering you don’t need to spend too much time creating sales popups any longer, and you can also get them done for just a token, their worth for your eCommerce website cannot be overemphasised.

Today, you can use a free tool like Leadforza to create a variety of sales notifications and social proof popups and have them deployed into your eCommerce website in minutes.

As you can get the premium version for free for an extended period, Leadforza is a dream for marketers. You can continue to convert and sell higher than before without straining your budget.

This means you get a free tool that will pay for itself long before you have to pay for the tool! Amazing, isn’t it?

Let us look at some of the reasons why sales popups are an absolute must for any 21st-century marketer.


Sales Popups Boost Sales and Conversions

Sales popups and notifications can be effective in increasing your eCommerce sales and conversions. With Leadforza, you can create different types of notifications that will help you convert faster. How?

  • Leadforza’s social proof popups like ‘Live Conversions,’ and ‘Conversions Counter,’ can be a form of social proof that gives prospects the needed credibility and trust in your brand to make a purchase.
  • The information bar popup can be useful in giving customers the confidence to make informed buying decisions.
  • Checkout notifications and countdown timers can inject FOMO (the fear of missing out) into visitors and customers, creating a sense of urgency and pushing them into making impulse purchases.
  • Sales popups and random customer reviews can also help you reduce cart abandonment, ensuring you recover lost sales and boost revenue.
  • Sales popups help in increasing orders through threshold offers. For example, you can offer free shipping for products that are $70 and above. This means users who wanted to buy less than that will be tempted to buy more in order to reach that threshold and benefit from the offer.



Use Web Notifications to Build Email Lists

If a customer or prospect does not buy your products today, they can buy tomorrow or some other time in the future.

However, to give yourself a shot at converting them in the future, you need to have their contact information. Email addresses are the likeliest, and web notifications help you get them easily.

Also, customers and prospects are usually discouraged when they have to fill in lead capture forms, so a popup that collects email addresses can be useful.

To do this, you may add incentives as lead magnets so that the prospect gets something in return for submitting their emails. Once their emails have been submitted, you will be able to build massive email lists to send product offers, promotions, discounts and many more.


Sales Notifications Help in Cross-Selling and Upselling

Providing personalised services by recommending products that complement what a user buys or is interested in buying has been made easier with sales notifications.

You would have seen popups or options on eCommerce websites that read “customers that bought this or also bought this…” or something like “frequently bought together.”

Notifications like these can help increase the average order value and boost traffic on your website. This can significantly boost your chances of increasing revenue and making more profits.


Web Notifications Improve Customer Engagement and Experience

Popups and themed promotions, especially during special holidays, are a great way to improve customer experience and engage shoppers.

New themes that match the season is a fun and fresh way to show you are regularly updating your site. This can help in so many ways, such as driving sales, engagement, improving customer experience, and boosting brand loyalty and trust.



With the benefits web notifications offer, they have become necessary for every eCommerce website. Thankfully, a tool like Leadforza allows you to create and design as many as 24 distinct sales notifications that you can integrate easily into your website.