Ecommerce businesses lose around $18 billion in yearly sales revenue because of the abandoned carts, and the number is predicted to increase in the future. But, did you know that more than 40% of customers who abandoned their carts return to the online store after receiving a cart recovery email?

For that to happen, you first really need to design some abandoned cart email subject lines that will get the job done. Wondering why? Well, billions of emails are sent and received every day, and this number keeps on increasing for shoppers. If the person is an active online user surfing various websites, they would probably be looking at a long list of unread emails every morning. For businesses, that’s an opportunity, and there’s a lot of traffic to cross.

This is exactly the reason you need to get the best-abandoned cart email subject line, so the customer’s attention is right at your store. The subject line is all about making an impact that leads to the customer opening your email. If your abandoned cart subject lines aren’t striking, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. To capture more revenue, keep reading!

What Are Abandoned Cart Emails?

Let’s begin with an overview of what an abandoned cart is, and then we’ll explain the email aspect. Imagine a scenario where a person browses around an eCommerce site and adds products or services to their virtual basket, but then exits the site without completing a purchase. This is known as an abandoned cart.

There could be a number of factors that contribute to this abandonment. Let’s imagine a shopper comes lands on your website and adds clothing items to their cart; but, when they get to the payment page and input their location, they discover a $10 delivery fee. The visitor is dissatisfied with this and leaves the site.

Let’s take a look at the cart abandonment email.

When a shopper is ready to abandon a website, businesses use popups with exit-intent technology to request their email address. An abandoned cart email is merely a reminder email sent to the shopper to finalize their purchase.

To stick with the earlier example, you’ll send an abandoned cart email to the shopper who didn’t buy the clothing items due to delivery fees. Remind her to complete the purchase and offer a free shipping promo code. The shopper will gladly return to your site to purchase the items. That’s the power of abandoned cart emails. However, in order for a prospective shopper to access and read your email, the subject line for abandoned cart emails must be flawless.

LeadForza’s Approach to Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment.

LeadForza is an exit-intent popup solution that intelligently detects visitor behaviour and showcases the best popup at the most ideal time. In order to maximize profits, every business strives to lower bounce rates and boost conversion rates. Many shoppers exit the e-commerce site on the payment page, as we discussed earlier with shopping cart abandonment. A solution to their exit may lie within your grasp.

Once you’ve spotted a visitor who is about to exit, give them incentives to remain longer. This discourages shoppers from abandoning their shopping carts. The amazing part is that you can use an exit-intent popup to capture the visitor’s email. You can use the collected email addresses to deliver abandoned cart emails even if the customer chooses to abandon the cart now.

4 Best Email Subject Lines for Abandoned Carts

There are several reliable techniques that can assist you in getting the best subject line. Here are the 11 most popular abandoned cart email subject lines.

The ‘Forgot Items’ Subject Lines

This is the most popular form of the subject line. You may have certainly received one if you’ve ever left something on your cart.

Here are a few examples:

  • You forgot about this product
  • You left something in the basket!
  • It appears as if you forgot this item.
  • Have you forgotten to check out?
  • It seems you left something behind.
  • Are you ready to finish your order? Now is the time to get it!

It’s possible that the shopper had earlier expressed an interest in the product but had been dissatisfied for some reason. It wasn’t because of the price of the product or the shipping costs that they left or abandoned. That’s why you’re simply urging them to finalize the purchase.

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The ‘Playful and Friendly’ Subject Lines

Experimenting with words to create a hilarious subject line can often make the recipient feel extremely positive about your company. Here are some examples of amusing subject lines to interact with your customers:

  • Let me fly you to your shopping cart!
  • Your cart is feeling a little lonely.
  • Your cart is happy to see you back, but your ex isn’t!
  • Your cart has found new love. I truly hope it’s you!
  • Is it true that you forgot about me so quickly?

The use of a casual tone combined with a lighthearted approach will undoubtedly spark the recipient’s interest.

The ‘Incentivized’ Subject Lines

There are many reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts. However, price fees and delivery costs are two of the major factors. You can highlight the root cause for abandonment in the subject line, like:

  • Take advantage of our next-purchase-free shipping offer!
  • Free delivery on this item is available now.
  • Hey, did you forget something in your shopping cart? Here’s a 10% discount!
  • We’ve set aside a 20% discount for you!
  • When you finish your purchase, you’ll get a rebate of 20%.
  • State clearly in the subject line that you are giving something in exchange for the recipient finishing the purchase.

The “FOMO” Subject Lines

In the marketing industry, it’s an old reliable sales strategy. Nobody enjoys missing out on an opportunity.

Create a sense of urgency by implying that if the shopper does not return to their cart right now, they will be missing out on a fantastic offer. Here are a few examples:

  • The items in your shopping cart is selling out quickly.
  • We’re almost out of stock!
  • Be quick, there are only 5 left in stock.
  • 15% discount on your cart for a limited time only!
  • The sale is down to its last 12 hours.
  • Your shopping cart is about to expire. Place your order right now!

In the subject line, use information such as product availability or time sensitivity to convince the recipient to finalize the purchase.

Are you ready to recover shoppers that have abandoned their carts?

Businesses can recoup lost revenue by sending abandoned cart emails. It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s best-abandoned cart email copies if no one opens them; they’re worthless. Because of this, subject lines are more crucial than the body text of your email and should not be overlooked.

Note that there is always a reason for cart abandonment. Your best chance to tackle this issue or provide them with a greater incentive to pick up their shopping cart is in the subject line of an abandoned cart email.

Go ahead and craft some eye-catching abandoned cart email subject lines for your shoppers. Hurry, the time is running out!