Leads are the energy your business needs to thrive and stay relevant. They can be likened to gasoline or diesel that you need to drive a car.

Once you run out of leads, the conversion funnel shuts down and your business will begin to stagnate.

For this reason, you should prioritize lead capturing for your business. But there is always the question of “how”. For instance, how can business owners improve their lead generation in a way that will boost their business growth?

In today’s ever-changing landscape, there are innovative lead generation techniques that can help your business reach its desired destination.

This article will explore seven of the best lead generation ideas that will put your business on the path to growth.


Lead generation strategy for businesses

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a marketing term that describes the processes businesses use to obtain contact details of prospective customers that have shown interest in their services or products.

In most cases, the primary contact a customer will have with your business can be through your page on social media, interacting with a chatbot or popup present on your website. All this is done with the aim of getting to know your products or services better.

The whole essence of lead generation is about brand promotion and awareness. It also centres on helping your target audience access your business faster and easier.

A customer who is interested or curious about your brand, products or services is known as a lead.


What are the Benefits of Lead Generation?

The growth of your business is tied to the growth of its customer base. Leads are highly important in the “growth dynamics” of any business. Improved lead generation will translate to better sales, increased customer counts and profits.

Other merits of lead generation include:

Increase Your Market Share:

Lead generation allows businesses to understand their prospective customers better. This helps them to target various segments of customers.

It lets you drive your business into new markets as you set up targeted campaigns for customer categories. This often boosts site traffic and customer acquisition.

Increase your brand’s visibility and awareness.

Without visibility and awareness, a business is likely to be outrun by its competitors.

As you improve your lead generation efforts, you’ll be generating great content to engage prospective customers and better your search engine rankings.

Improve revenue

As you improve your lead acquisition efforts by getting them interested in your brand, you capture their contact information. This optimizes your conversion process, translating it to more sales and faster business growth.

Prepare a solid foundation for email marketing

In this age of digitalization, email marketing is among the most powerful tools for attracting prospects and old customers to your site.

With effective lead generation, you grow your email lists, which you can use to further interact with them, send tailored offers, and share updates or announcements.


Best Lead Generation Strategy for Businesses

Here are some of the best lead generation strategies for your business:

Use Exit Popups

Exit popups are a powerful marketing solution for capturing quality leads from site visitors.

Exit popups are a powerful marketing solution for capturing quality leads from site visitors. Exit popups are different from other popups because they are less invasive and do not in any way affect the user experience. They are highly beneficial when used correctly.

As visitors plan to exit your website, it presents a great opportunity to target them. Ensure you use exit-intent popups to display mouthwatering deals like newsletter subscriptions, free tutorials, discount coupons, and price slashes in return for their email addresses.

This will increase the likelihood of capturing quality leads and boost your site conversion.




Add a live chat feature

Live chat is an excellent tool to grow your site engagement and interaction.

According to studies, sites with live chat features have a 60% chance of getting site visitors to return. This is because visitors are aware that your business is easily accessible and will get immediate assistance from your team if they have enquiries about your brand, products or services.

Use Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a marketing approach that involves giving out valuable items in return for visitors’ contact information. This is highly effective for lead capturing.

Your lead magnets can be in the form of beneficial resources like eBooks, infographics, marketing tutorials, study guides, price slash, free shipping etc.

Your choice of lead magnets has to be something worthwhile and enticing for your visitors. Ensure you add lead magnets to your landing page and exit popups.


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Create a sense of urgency

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful psychological feeling that marketers can use to their advantage. For instance, if you add a countdown clock to your discount offer, visitors will find it more attractive. This is a good way to boost your sales within a limited time.

You can use popups to display flash sales and time-sensitive promotional offers. This allows you to quickly grab a prospective customer’s attention.


Online countdown widget


Make your CTA more effective.

Your site’s call to action is an important feature for acquiring leads.

It urges your site visitors to engage or take action. Hence, it is important that you clearly specify your goal. If you want to capture your contact information or redirect your shoppers to an important page, clarify your motive.

Once you have done that, creatively come up with a unique CTA with “action words”. For instance, words like “Buy Now”, “Complete”, “Try”, “Register” etc. to improve sales response and immediate action. To prevent distractions, ensure you maintain a consistent CTA throughout your popups and landing page.



Add a poll or a quiz to your blog.

If you want to quickly grab the attention of your readers, add a quiz or survey to the end or side of your webpage or blog.

You can use a survey platform such as Hotjar to create interactive surveys and add them to your site. A better alternative for interacting with readers and improving site engagement is to use popup makers like LeadForza to showcase a survey popup form.

Once they are done reading the content of your blog, readers can leave feedback and opinions about it. It improves your connection with your site visitors and can help boost your lead generation strategy.



How LeadForza Benefits Your Lead Generation Strategy

For small businesses hoping to grow at a faster pace, they are often faced with challenges bordering on lead generation.

LeadForza is the solution to your lead generation challenges.

It is a tool that optimises lead generation by showcasing interactive popups to your site visitors. It has a rich template library with more than a hundred effective popup themes. This will improve your lead capturing efforts and simplify the process of creating surveys, lead magnets and exit popups.

LeadForza also has powerful customisation options that can help you showcase tailored promotional deals to target audiences. With the help of its intelligent behavioural analytics, you can better understand your site visitors.

All LeadForza’s popups can be tracked, analyzed and monitored in real-time via your dashboard. This will boost your conversion rates and lead acquisition.

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