Looking for sales promotion strategies for your online stores? This article will give you all the tips you need. Well, it’s not surprising considering how many plenty of brands and digital companies are regularly looking for effective sales promotion tips, particularly for low-cost marketing strategies that can increase their sales!

The fact is that many online stores lack the big budget to run their promotional campaign on TV commercials or billboards. Some businesses struggle to make ends meet, while others run on pretty tight budgets. However, there is always a solution. And what’s that? Studies have shown that when businesses adopt and embrace creative sales promotion strategies, they stand a greater chance of reaching the pinnacle of success and increasing their revenues.

Without further ado, let’s analyze a few of the top low-cost sales promotion strategies that can increase your sales and revenue.

Best Online Stores Sales Promotion Strategies

1. Email Marketing

Now you may be thinking, “Really? Should this be at the top of your list of effective sales promotional strategies? Honestly, email marketing is among our top choices due to its superb performance as well as the fact that it is cost-effective.

It has been estimated that in 2023, nearly 50 % of the world population will be using emails (if you want the exact numbers, it’s 4.3 billion). Furthermore, every day, 295 billion emails are exchanged. Why would anyone or any business put it to use if it doesn’t yield great results?


“You will enjoy a return of $44 for every dollar that you invest in emails. In other words, the ROI is at an amazing 4400%. No wonder there is a saying that “money is in the list”!

Now, this is certainly a cost-effective sales promotion strategy for your online store.

Also, email marketing is regarded as an effective tool by leading industry players (Amazon and Walmart utilize emails for seasonal sales promotions).

Leadforza.io offers a huge range of website popups and notification bars to any website to turn their traffic into an email list without any extra cost.

2. Social Media

Social media is yet another low-cost sales promotion tool for small business owners. The past couple of years has been a mad one – both old and new businesses have been striving to establish their social media presence and audience engagement. And for businesses and brands that have been successful in this regard, sales growth and revenue increment were not a problem later.

Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have been the top choice for promotional strategy – it is immaterial whether Black Friday promotion or Christmas sales promotion, you have got an audience around the year!

You don’t need to spend a dime in terms of costs. You can use Instagram or Facebook ads for broader exposure if you have enough cash. However, if you’ve got ample followers and a loyal audience, all you require is on your plate.

You can also utilize social media platforms to inform followers about the latest events, discounts, and sales and ensure they are adequately updated. Or, you can generate delight and excitement by fully keeping the event under wraps – the choice is yours!

It only requires loyal followers, a few strategies, and visually pleasing content and pictures.

3. Website pop-ups

Let’s not dismiss the facts! If online pop-ups are not your thing, then you are completely missing out! Popups help websites, and online stores increase conversions and build their email lists without hassle. In fact, reputable brands such as Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Casio utilize popups to improve their revenue and conversions.

popup Promotion Strategies

There are numerous uses for website popups, but some of the most popular are:

  • Boost sales by showcasing discount/promotional popups
  • Deploying exit-intent popups to lower cart abandonment
  • Inform visitors of forthcoming sales and events
  • Utilizing customized popups, upsell to current customers
  • Collecting feedback and organizing surveys

It is easy to create popups, and you can set them up in less than 3 minutes! All that is needed is a no-code, user-friendly popup builder with high-converting, custom-ready templates. LeadForza has all this and is available for free. Click here to get started!

4. Free Premium Product Trials

Sometimes, even the best sales promotion strategies may not yield the desired results. You have to turn the tables and change how things work at this stage!

Giving a trial period of the premium version to your visitors and subscribers is effective. Why? Because once people have a taste of what it’s like to use the enhanced version of anything, they are unlikely to give up so quickly!

5. Get in Touch with the Affiliates

Another excellent sales promotion strategy you should explore is to get in touch with affiliates and request that they market your product in exchange for a set commission.

Ensure you get in touch with affiliates who work in a related industry niche and encourage them to promote your products. Set up an affiliate marketing program that mutually benefits you and the affiliate. And as you enrol a few affiliates, you’ll observe growth in your sales.

In other words, your affiliates will handle all of your sales promotion and marketing efforts on your behalf. This is clearly a smart marketing strategy for online stores.

6. Organize online contests

Will our sales promotion strategy article be complete if it doesn’t include online contests? Organizing online contests is one of the most effective sales promotion strategies for online businesses today. It is also cost-effective and impactful.

Studies have revealed that online contests have an amazing conversion rate of over 30%, and most times, contestants share the contests after signing up.

Your contest can be anything from a spin-to-win game to a quiz contest. Decide what will work best for your store and take action. In addition to boosting sales, online contests can boost your engagement and draw visitors across the globe.

7. Guerilla Marketing

You may have to move away from the digital world to make things a little more exciting! Guerrilla marketing comes into play here. Guerrilla marketing is nothing more than the use of creative, low-cost marketing strategies to increase your sales. This can range from building a huge billboard near a monument in your neighborhood to hanging a poster in a public space where people gather.

Guerrilla marketing should be perfect for you if you’re willing to take risks and have the creative power to develop innovative strategies to promote your business.