The idea behind SMS marketing is simple and clear: you create the best SMS popup example for your business to use, and then you send text messages to prospective customers to move them through the sales funnel.

However, you need a tool to easily collect your customer’s phone numbers and add them to your SMS marketing database.

While it is true that this can easily be done with your old customers by attaching an opt-in form to your purchase acknowledge email that requests them to subscribe to SMS messages, how about those who haven’t made purchases from your store yet?

Ecommerce retailers run the risk of losing out on the 98% of site visitors who don’t make a purchase straight away.

Fortunately, with the LeadForza popup, you can capture those data that you can utilize for your next SMS marketing campaigns.

This article will explore what SMS popups are and the reasons you should add them to your website. Next, we will analyze some examples of online stores with SMS popup and ways you can make yours.

What is an SMS popup?

An SMS popup is a type of website popup that is primarily designed to collect leads’ phone numbers for SMS marketing campaigns. A lot of popups will capture the email addresses of leads, then proceed to ask for phone numbers in return for a special discount or any other lead magnets.

The benefits of SMS marketing

The investment of ecommerce stores in email and SMS has increased by 9.9% within the last two years.

What is the reason for this?

This is because studies have shown that 75% of people would be willing to subscribe to getting text messages from a business.

Customers are more likely to keep a close eye on text messages on their mobile devices, in contrast to email, which they can ignore easily. Thus, SMS offers highly beneficial marketing opportunities for eCommerce businesses.

With the LeadForza SMS popup tool, you can collect your prospective customer’s phone numbers and begin sending them promotional SMS.

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6 popup SMS examples

Let’s explore the 6 examples of how ecommerce businesses are utilizing SMS popups to capture their customer’s mobile numbers.

Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones is one ecommerce business that invests heavily in text message marketing. See how they use this 2-step SMS popup:

Cuddle Clones acquired over 150,000 leads in the first year this SMS popup was on their website.

The SMS popup has a scroll intent trigger. This implies that it is displayed whenever a site visitor scrolls to a certain point on the page. This avoids the situation where someone feels annoyed by a big popup box as soon as he accesses the page.

The 20% off discount that is offered via SMS serves as an incentive to encourage consumers to actually submit their phone numbers.’s SMS offer

When you visit’s website, a pop-up box showing all of their active promos will appear:

One among them is an SMS marketing campaign that looks different from others with a bold call-to-action color.

The “Sign Up Now” tab introduces an on-click popup to go ahead and redeem the offer. If a visitor submits their phone number, the brand will SMS them a voucher for a 10% discount:

Additionally, they are very clear that anyone inputting their number will consent to be added to their SMS marketing list. In this manner, customers won’t become upset when getting promotional texts. They are aware of the terms of their agreement.

Venus’ giveaway popup SMS

Not all SMS popup has to provide discount codes to site visitors. You can deploy a discount-style incentive to capture phone numbers in a giveaway style, as shown by this Venus example:

The contest welcomes visitors as they land on Venus’ site. If they opt-in to receive sms notifications from the retailer, they will be eligible to win $100. The content of the popup clearly shows the criteria and conditions for signing up for this SMS list.

Good American’s SMS popup banner

Not all SMS popup has to fill the entire visitor screen, either. On Good American, the above image is only seen while visitors are browsing a specific product category, and it also shows as a sticky bar at the lower area of the screen:

It differs from the other examples we’ve shown so far: there isn’t a monetary incentive for visitors to sign up. Instead, they assure subscribers that they’ll “be the first to know” about any future releases via their SMS popup.

Goodfair’s SMS popup discount

The Goodfair homepage also features an SMS popup. It offers consumers a big discount on their next purchase:

The most impressive part of the SMS popup is the call-to-action button.

Rather than using something cliched like “sign up” or “opt in,” the incentive is labeled: “Get 35% off now.” It’s a passionate last-ditch effort to encourage users to submit their information and accept the offer, and it’s a great popup design to emulate.

Kylie Skin’s subtle SMS popup

Upon first look, the popup on Kylie Skin’s website may not appear to be an SMS marketing campaign. The popup’s first screen requests a visitor’s email address:

However, if you check the small print, you’ll realize that visitors will only get the $5 discount if they opt to receive SMS messages as well.

This is an excellent strategy to capture a lot of visitor data. Kylie Skin retargets prospective customers through email and text using a single popup.

LeadForza SMS pop-up templates

Ready to set up an SMS popup for your webpage? Good news for you.

The LeadForza template has all types of popup templates, sticky bar templates, site message templates, and many more that can be customized to capture visitors’ phone numbers. Each can be tailored according to your brand and needs. For instance, you can edit:

  • The font and color
  • The incentive
  • The trigger (e.g., scroll-intent or exit-intent) and much more.

Get started now and get access to all our popup templates for free.