Popups are among the most effective tools to build your email list and encourage your online store visitors to complete their checkout. However, no guarantee that merely adding popups to your site will get you sign-ups for your newsletter.

If your popup is successful, you must incorporate an engaging design and optimal popup call-to-action. This is the cornerstone of every effective popup campaign. For your popup to convert, its aesthetics, layout, text and call to action must harmonize or correspond.

When sticking to effective popup guidelines, never ignore the CTA (call to action) button. Most marketers channel all their attention to making their design and content copy look great while forgetting about an essential element of popup marketing, which is CTA. This article will help you with proven and successful strategies for creating compelling CTAs.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of popup CTA, let’s briefly analyze how LeadForza tool can simplify the process of creating popup CTAs:

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How to Create High-Converting Call-to-Action Buttons with LeadForza

LeadForza is a highly effective popup tool that is capable of improving your conversion rates by allowing you to design popups in a simple manner. Using LeadForza’s easy-to-navigate dashboard and user-friendly popup editor, you can build your popup in 5 minutes or less.

You can find lots of call-to-action popup templates in LeadForza’s collection. All the templates are custom-ready and can be tailored to suit your brand image and needs to drive conversion.

LeadForza also lets you follow best practices as it is rich in features like trigger options and target settings to showcase the perfect popup CTAs to the ideal audience at the right moment.

Furthermore, LeadForza has rich analytics to display analytics that will assist in letting you know how well your popups have performed.

What is popup call to action?

A popup call to action (CTA) is a directive that instructs visitors to take a specific action. In your popup, it takes the form of a button that encourages action. CTAs have colorful headlines that capture visitors’ attention and guide them down the sales funnel.

With a CTA, you can effectively compel your visitors to purchase a product, subscribe to your mailing list, check another page, view product recommendations, share a page on social media and many more. Now that we have properly understood what CTAs are let’s explore the advantages of adding CTA in your popup.

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Advantages of Popup Call to Action

One of the primary roles that a popup CTA plays is that it directs visitors to the next step and serves as a popup signpost. Here are the advantages of CTA in your popup marketing.

Eliminate confusion

The use of a clear call-to-action will prevent any unwanted distractions, ambiguity or confusion in your popup. With phrases like “Register”, “Buy now”, “Sign Up”, “Get Discount”, you can guide your site visitors to making the right decisions, clarifying the buyer’s journey.

Effective lead capturing

By setting up compelling and impactful CTAs, you can make a great impression on your site visitors. It has been revealed that if your popups have incentives in their CTA copy, it will boost your lead generation and subscriptions.

Drive conversions and sales

At times, all your visitors need is a bit of encouragement to finalize their purchase. With the use of captivating CTAs, you can nudge your visitors towards completing their purchase via price cuts, free shipping and trial subscriptions.

Guide site visitors

Visitors always get confused when making decisions. However, with the use of clear CTA buttons, your visitors can easily be guided toward helpful & relevant pages, product support pages, blog content, etc. This will surely add value to your browsing experience.

Best Call-to-Action Strategies for Popups

Here are some strategies for using call-to-action popups to increase conversions.

Ensure your CTA is clear

If you are showcasing the CTA in a congested window with visual elements and text around it, your site visitors may not see its underlying significance. Thus, ensure your CTA is easy to notice and read by creating whitespace surrounding it in the popup box.

You can enhance your CTA visibility by increasing the font size and separating the button from the rest of your popup elements. Furthermore, a perfectly clear CTA is a great way to enhance the user experience by improving the visibility of your offer.

Keep it short and Sweet.

While you would like a name, phone number, email and a detailed buyer profile attached to all lead capture popup forms submitted, the truth is that your online visitors are probably in haste and may not be very familiar with you to the extent of giving up their private data.

Your CTA has to be very simple and straight to the point if you wish to boost conversions. Don’t complicate things for your visitors by making them read lengthy messages, fill out complicated forms, go over to their inbox to get a code and return to your store to claim their offer. Ensure you keep your CTA short and within a single-step process.

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Ensure your CTAs are actionable

As a store owner, you have to put yourself in the mindset of the site visitors. They are always looking for ways to get the most value. Thus, your CTAs have to be actionable by specifically conveying the value of your offer to your visitors. Using “power words” such as “Always,” “Now,” “Get,” etc.

Ultimately, your popup CTA has to express in clear terms the results your visitors will get.

Add Graphics/Special Design to the CTA Button

Your CTA button has the potential to generate lots of sales and leads for you. Thus, you have to design it so that visitors to your site will notice it. This implies that you shouldn’t keep using the basic, ordinary, rectangle CTA box.

You can get creative by employing animations or special effects or by creating a box that is specifically designed to draw customers’ attention right away. Additionally, you can strategically add graphics next to your CTA button to encourage users to click.

Focus on Value

Visitors will be less likely to click a CTA button if it doesn’t convey the value of the offer. After reading the headline, visitors move right to the CTA button. As a result of this, we recommend that your headline should correctly match what’s in your CTA.

Some of the best popup CTAs are compelling and captivating, like “Start my 10-day free demo!”, “Get My Free PDF” and “Yes, I need $35 off”. You will surely get the right results if you mix action words and lead magnets.

Add immediacy

Visitors will likely take action if you offer them immediate value. For example, when a visitor inputs their email address, you can quickly showcase a discount voucher in the area below the popup or automatically redirect them to the ebook download page.

The goal here is to convince your visitors that they will enjoy instant gratification. This can be done by stating it simply or creatively wording the copy. For instance, you can use words like “Now” or “Instant” in your CTA.

Instill a sense of urgency

By instilling urgency, you can improve your conversion and sales within a limited period of time. To do this, you have to add a timer and visual to your popup window as well as word your CTA efficiently.

A good example of this is a CTA with “ENJOY MY 25% DISCOUNT” with a countdown timer just below your popup to create FOMO (fear of missing out) on fantastic deals and propel your customers down the sale funnel to improve conversion.