Have you ever purchased a product or a service after a recommendation from someone? If you have, then you have been influenced by social proof.

As humans, we tend to trust things more when other people trusted them first. The smart use of social proof like creating notifications with Leadforza is yielding remarkable results for marketers nowadays.

To integrate social proof into an online business, marketers use social proof popups and notifications. Social proof notifications appear on your web pages, notifying other visitors of the activity of other customers and what is happening within your store in real-time.

Social proof popups can come in different ways. Here are some examples of social proof notifications you can create with Leadforza and integrate into your website or other eCommerce platforms like Shopify to work as a FOMO tool:

Live Counter

This notification widget displays the visitors and the number of people on your website in real-time. This can be very effective in creating trust in potential customers to purchase from you.


Conversions Counter

This social proof popup works like a live counter but shows the total number of conversions you have gone recently or in a specific timeframe.

This social proof effectively builds credibility for your business and makes your website appear as a trusted source to many people. Hence, this will encourage other visitors to do purchase from you.


Countdown Collector

The countdown collector social proof notifications is a great way to create urgency/FOMO in your web visitors, ensuring they buy quickly before time runs out or the product sells out.

There are more than 20 different social proof notifications to choose from on Leadforza, including video widgets, social share, random review, coupon, etc.

Some social proof popups can also help you generate leads from your website automatically. These include the email collector widget, request collector, modal two-collector, among many others.


How Do You Know Social Proof Popups Work?

Marketers and brands have realized that social proof marketing offers massive potentials for growth, and one of the tactics they use is by integrating various popups into their website to work in converting and generating more sales.

To fully understand how important social proof notifications and how effective they are, let us look at some social proof statistics.

These numbers will let you know just how critical social proof marketing is and why every business owner and marketer in the 21st-century must use this marketing strategy.


  1. 87% of buying decisions start with Google or Amazon research.

This means 87 out of 100 people that purchase products and services online conduct online research first.

We all know how important Google and Amazon are. The former is the world’s most popular search engine, while the latter is a global e-commerce platform with more than 150 million mobile users.

This shows that when people use either of them to research a product, they are not only looking for more information but what people who have used the product or service think, the brand’s authenticity and any form of testament – social proof.


  1. 61% of customers read online reviews before choosing to buy a product or service.

In fact, Consumerist found that almost 70% of online customers check a product’s review before buying. Also, a 2018 eMarketer survey found that 100% of people aged between 18-29 said they checked reviews before making a purchase.

Another statistic showed that 91% of 18-34-year-olds trust online social proof reviews as much as recommendations from people close to them.

  1. 63% of consumers indicated that they are more likely to purchase from a website with product ratings and reviews
  2. 70% of Americans check out opinions from independent review websites before buying.
  3. 70% of people will trust a recommendation from someone they don’t even know.
  4. 92% of people will trust a recommendation or referral from a peer
  5. Online buyers require an average of 40 reviews before believing a business’ star rating is accurate.
  6. 85% of consumers believe that online reviews older than three months are not relevant.

These and several more statistics prove that social proof popups and notifications work effectively. No wonder why it has become a favourite marketing strategy for most marketers and brands worldwide.