Are you already using some of our email popup examples? Do you need some inspirations to craft high-converting email popups? Today, millions of websites and eCommerce stores deploy email popups to help expand their email list (and for other purposes). It is said that almost 70% of websites utilize email popups as they perform fantastically well.

I can only come up with two surefire explanations for reading this article:

  • After learning how essential email pop-ups are, you were eager to see a few of the best pop-up examples.
  • You plan to work on your pop-up design and strategies since your email pop-ups are not giving you the results you want.

You are in the right place because I have carefully chosen some of the top-performing email popups for you to view. We will analyze some important factors such as popup design, the reasons it was used, the way it boosts conversion, the kind of trigger etc.

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So let’s begin! There’s no need to waste time because every second we squander, we lose a prospective customer.

8 Effective Email PopUp Examples for Your eCommerce store

Tommy Hilfiger

First on our list is the popular clothing retailer Tommy Hilfiger.

Source: Tommy Hilfiger

This email popup is fantastic because of it:

  • Tommy Hilfiger effectively added brand colors to its popup designs and text. As seen, the borders are colored red and blue, in addition to the colors of the uppercase text.
  • The text in the popup template offers the visitors an additional incentive to convincingly encourage them in the event that the 20% off trick fails.

This welcome popup has been deployed by Tommy Hilfiger to give visitors a real treat. This is also a strategy to build their email list and perhaps drive more sales.

This is a great example of an email pop-up with clever text and brand consistency.

Under Armour

Under Armour, a prestigious health and fitness online store, also use an email popup on its website. Have a look at it:

Source: Under Armor

Visitors are greeted by a word of encouragement, “Everything here is built to make you better”, in the email popup. It’s memorable and can appeal emotionally to the minds of its visitors. The popup is very legible or easily readable, thanks to its dotty black background. Next, web visitors are provided with a detailed explanation of what they will enjoy when they sign up.

The popup form is concise, conveys essential information and contains no fluff or unnecessary details.


Gucci used this popup as part of their marketing strategy for Father’s Day. They also utilized a smart page-level targeting option as the popup was only exclusive to the men’s section.

Source: Gucci

By displaying it at the bottom of the screen, the popup is unobtrusive and does not in any way ruin the user experience. A creative call-to-action “Shop the Perfect Gift,” makes the popup more appealing to store visitors.

LeadForza Floating Sidebar Popup

Since we are exploring the most effective popup online, I found it wise to throw in LeadForza templates! Here’s a great one.

Email pop up

This 100% customizable email popup form is an amazing sample of what a floating email popup should look like. It has a clear layout and simple typography, providing you with space to briefly explain your purpose. It has a visually appealing position and design elements. Click here to get it for free.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana’s welcome email popup is direct and concise. It says, “You do this; you get this!”

Caption: Dolce & Gabbana

Furthermore, D&G will use the popup form’s gender and language options to send tailored newsletters. Any loyal D&G customer wouldn’t hesitate to fill out this email pop-up because it is straightforward and uncomplicated.


The iconic sportswear brand has deployed an exit-intent popup to its online store. Let’s explore why this email popup is effective.

Source: Nike

When a visitor is getting ready to exit the website, Nike showcases this popup in an attempt to get their email address. The popup form is uncomplicated and includes customization options for DOB (maybe Nike wants to wish you a happy birthday or email you discount offers on that day) and shopping preferences.

If you don’t want to shop right now but will in the future, this popup does a wonderful job of serving the back-in-case factor.

This is a perfect example of a high-performance email pop-up.

The New Yorker

Navigating away from online stores, here is an example of how a reputable magazine website uses an email popup on its site.

Source: The New Yorker

The New Yorker’s homepage deploys an exit-intent popup to capture visitors as they are about to leave. Looking at the popup, the drawing of a gentleman reading a newspaper makes it crystal clear what the website is about.

LeadForza Floating Bar Popup

Take a look at an email popup template from LeadForza that is just as effective as The New Yorker’s email capture form.

web notification bar

It’s a different technique but it will still achieve the same goal. The popup will still show up in the upper area of the screen even when visitors keep scrolling down. Similar to the New Yorker popup, it’s direct and straightforward. The CTA will definitely encourage visitors to take action. It also has an aesthetically pleasing, uncomplicated and attractive design.


Wix, a popular web builder brand, has deployed a popup to its blog page. Although this isn’t particularly an email popup, it is among the most effective popups worthy of a mention.

Wix created a floating bar popup in the lower area of the website. The popup color makes it unique. The blog page features colorful banners and a number of blog posts. Additionally, the bottom floating bar in turquoise and green adds to the page’s overall vibrancy. To summarize, Wix has shown the value of color in pop-up designs.