A website with low engagement will experience low revenue and reduced user acquisition. High user engagement will help businesses reach the pinnacle of their success.

So, if you want to boost user engagement, you should ask yourself some simple questions from the standpoint of your customers.

  • What brought you to this site in the first place?
  • Have you been able to find what you’re looking for on the site?
  • Was it simple to discover what you were searching for, or was it hard?
  • What encouraged you to visit the website again and again?

If you get pleasant answers to these questions, you’ve cleared the first hurdle in user engagement. To ensure that your users have a positive experience, you must put in place a number of techniques that will help you understand their needs.

What Is User Engagement, and Why Should You Care?

In the simplest words, user engagement occurs when visitors to your site enjoy your content enough to stay and convert.

The most crucial element of user engagement is that when people like your products or services, they will actively interact with your brand for a long time.

User engagement is determined by the length of time customers spend reading your content and the manner in which they interact with your products/services.

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What Is the Importance of User Engagement?

As a business, it is highly important to track and analyse how your site visitors engage with your site. Here’s why:

Reduce the rate of customer attrition

Higher user engagement shows that your products and services are highly beneficial to the needs of customers. Your business solution adds a lot of value to their lives and makes a positive impact. This lowers your attrition rate.

Positive customer experience

This experience is relevant to the customer journeys that occur within your site and product. Nothing should be taken for granted when tracking and enhancing user engagement. From guiding shoppers through the conversion funnel to including them in your feedback mechanism, every single thing will count.

Boost customer loyalty

With improved user engagement, users will be willing to connect with your brand. This will lead to increased sales, brand awareness and recognition.

Furthermore, this cements an emotional bond between your products/services and the customer.

4 Best Ways to Boost User Engagement in 2022

At this stage, we have to explore some of the most reliable techniques that can help you boost user engagement on your site. If done correctly, this will enhance your conversion and engagement rate by over 20-150%.

Use Popups

Using popup software is a fantastic way to enhance your site engagement. For instance, LeadForza, a high-quality popup maker, enables you to showcase tailored messages and discount offers on your site to visitors. This will undoubtedly help customers interact more with your site.

You can also use exit-intent popups to lower your site abandonment rate. Also, feedback collector popups can be used to better understand the needs of your customers while getting feedback on how to improve your services.

Most popup tools come with targeting features that help in displaying relevant and tailored messages or content to customers.

Offer live chat assistance.

Live chat assistance is among the most popular techniques to improve your site engagement. An AI-powered chatbot can simply improve your user experience. It provides real-time solutions to customer enquiries, and whenever complex issues occur, customers will be redirected to your human support team immediately.

You can also add a web chat popup widget to your shopping pages. It will help your customers to stay interested in your product. Try showcasing your FAQs and user reviews on your live chat widget.

Use Gamification to Increase Visitor Engagement

Gamification is not a brand-new idea. It is one of the best techniques to boost site engagement and customer interaction. Some examples of gamification are fun quizzes, scratch cards and spin-the-wheels. It is a great way to display promotional offers and discounts.

Gamification creates a pleasant and fun-filled experience for your customers. This is important for user engagement, and properly implementing it can positively impact your site.

Ensure you offer valuable rewards to whoever wins the game. Highlight the rewards on your site using popup windows to encourage customers to participate in the game. Lastly, ensure the game is brief and can be easily completed within a short time.

spin wheel

Interactive, engaging and user-friendly content

An excellent way to improve your site engagement is via informative, interesting and valuable content. The style of your content is important because it has to be clear, solution-based and relevant to the needs of your customer.

Ensure that customers can access your content, from Knowledgebase and FAQs to feature pages and articles.

You can also create helpful pages that include user reviews, testimonials and achievements. This allows customers to find out how your services and products have added value to other customers over the years.

Regularly update your site content. Ensure it is informative, engaging, easy-to-read and understand. To improve the quality of site information, consider adding images, infographics and videos to your content.


If your site is highly engaging, customers will find it easy to interact with your products and keep patronizing your business. This is why boosting engagement should be of utmost importance to you. It takes a lot of effort and strategic planning to achieve high engagement.

Fortunately, with the four effective techniques explored above, you won’t have any problem boosting your engagement. One last piece of advice: constantly strive to tailor the customer experience.