Do you want to boost the sales, engagement and conversion rates of your eCommerce store? Popups can be very instrumental in helping you achieve this and even more.

Popups are powerful digital marketing tools. They are effective in lead generation. Popups can also be used to persuade customers even before they engage with content on your site.

If you haven’t installed popups on your site, it’s not too late to do it now!

Whenever a customer visits your page, a popup will appear. There are various types of popups. The most important ones are exit, scroll percentage and page-specific popups.

Please note that the cart abandonment rate in the United States has gone up by 70%.

Without popups, your online store might be losing customers.

So without further ado, here are hidden facts about popups:

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The average conversion rate for popups

To kick things off, let’s address the elephant in the room: what is the average conversion rate for popups?

Findings have shown that the average popup conversion rate is 11.09 %.

However, if any of your campaigns have a lower conversion rate, you shouldn’t be worried.

Conversion rates are greatly affected by the timing and the type of popup used. For instance, a cart abandonment popup often converts much better than a newsletter popup. This is due to the fact that your customers are at very different segments in the conversion funnel.

According to recent studies, the average conversion rate for the best-performing popup is 43.5%. That indicates that nearly 50% of those who saw one of these popular popups actually converted!

We’ll provide some tips on how to raise your popup conversion rate later.

The conversion rate for cart abandonment popups is 17.12%

cart recovery popup

Our cart abandonment popups typically have the best average conversion rate, at 17.12%.

They perform better because they target shoppers who started a purchase but abandoned it before finishing. These customers are possibly prepared to buy, but something prevents them from making payments (e.g. high delivery fees).

You can send a quick reminder using a cart abandonment popup.

However, websites with incentives like free shipping or a 10% discount had the highest conversion rates. In addition, time-sensitive incentives tend to have the biggest impact.

Spin-to-win has a conversion rate of 13.23%.

custom spin wheel

The gamification popup called “Spin to Win” allows your visitors to “play” in return for their email address. They can choose from a range of deals and discounts by spinning a wheel.

Gamification popups generate incredibly high engagement rates. Their conversion rate is 13.23% on average.
The average conversion rate for feedback popups is 12.62 %.

A feedback popup encourages visitors to express their opinions on your website, products, or previous shopping experiences. You can perhaps utilize it to find out why visitors chose not to make purchases on your site.

Customers appreciate feedback popups because they show that you care about their opinion, which enhances the user experience on your website.

In most cases, they will gladly respond to basic questions. Thus, it’s unsurprising that the average conversion rate is 12.62%.

The conversion rate for seasonal popup offers is 11.88%.

black friday

The average conversion rate for seasonal popups is 11.88%. These are limited-time discounts tailored to a special day or event.

Some holiday-specific seasonal offers centre on festive periods, Valentine’s Day or Memorial Day. Others have to do with a season, such as spring, summer, or back-to-school time.

These popups are effective because they have a built-in sense of urgency. This is because prior to Christmas, consumers must purchase gifts, and prior to the start of the school year, they must purchase notebooks. Plus, they are aware that your offer is only valid for a limited period of time.

Simple newsletter promotion popups have a conversion rate of 5.10 %.

Exit intent Newsletter and Lead Gen

You can’t just ask for email addresses and expect to receive a ton of them. That is also what our data shows.

The average conversion rate for our email popups without incentives is 5.10%.

Even without providing any incentives, you can still expand your email list. Simply persuade your readers that they will get value from your emails. That entails being clear about what they should expect and how it will better their lives.

Conversion rates improve to 7.49 % when an ebook is provided in exchange for a subscription.

ebook tool for email

Giving away an ebook in exchange for email subscriptions is a considerably more effective strategy.

This strategy doesn’t give your clients a cash incentive, but it does make a valuable offer to them.

The ebook must be informative and captivating in order for you to employ this technique effectively.


We hope you liked this overview of popup facts.

The main lesson is that popups are a powerful tool for increasing conversions. As you can see, popups have an average conversion rate of 11.09 %.

Additionally, you’ll see significantly higher conversion rates if you stick to our best popup practices.

We have also noted that

  • Lucky wheels and cart abandonment popups both convert exceptionally well.
  • Seasonal discounts are still the best option. When consumers are ready to buy in the fourth quarter, maximize your sales potential with popups.
  • The process of building an email list is not easy. Don’t forget to provide visitors with an incentive as a way to combat that.

Browse our Template Library to get ideas for creating popups that will convert well. You can start using it for free.