All marketers understand that social proof marketing is one of the best ways to improve a brand’s conversion rate substantially. Many businesses use it to optimize their conversions by building urgency and ensuring customers make informed buying decisions.

Social proof is how the activities of people, whether online or in real life, have on our behaviour. Therefore, using customers’ activities such as buying or giving good reviews to influence potential customers is known as social proof marketing.

Nowadays, creating social proof for your brand has been made easy by different social proof platforms such as Leadforza, where you can design social proof notifications and popups and integrate them into your website.

Whether Shopify, Zapier, WordPress, Squarespace, among many others, Leadforza helps you create more than 20 different kinds of popups and seamlessly integrate them into these platforms.

Here we will look at how you can create social proof for your brand and increase your conversions remarkably:


  1. Use Customers to Create Social Proof for Prospects

This is social proof from existing customers. Creating social proof from your existing customers’ behaviour can help build urgency in potential customers to make purchases.

You can use Leadforza to create social proof popups that displays user-generated content such as testimonials, positive reviews and high ratings from past customers, which can convince potential ones to follow suit.


  1. Create Social Proof with Real-time Product Stats

Another way to create social proof is by displaying real-time conversion updates. All you need to do is by using the ‘Latest Conversion’ social proof popup on Leadforza. This will establish social proof by showing your site’s latest conversions.

You can also show conversion updates from a particular location so users can see the highest-selling products, which will make them follow through and make purchases.


  1. Create Social Proof by Displaying Your Overall Numbers

Displaying all the conversions you have had is another fantastic way to create social proof and make potential customers trust you.

With a ‘Conversions Counter’ social proof notification, you will display real-time updates of all your overall sales, which will go a long way in giving your customers the needed confidence to make informed buying decisions.


  1. Use Celebrities to Create Social Proof

You can also create social proof by using celebrities and influencers. Many of your customers can be influenced by the leading figures in society.

Using celebrity endorsements as social proof happens when a public figure or celebrity promotes your products and services via social media, broadcast media, or in public.

Although many businesses pay celebrities to endorse their products, and most of these brands see valuable results, celebrity endorsements could be more meaningful if they are unpaid.


  1. Use Experts in your Industry

Using experts in your industry is a great way to create social proof on your website. This could appear as a social proof popup on your website, which shows a known figure in your niche recommending your product.

Experts in your industry may write about your brand in blogs, on social media, or seen with one of your products in public.

This can be very useful, and you can copy their approval into your website or paste the picture they took with your product and place it on an important page on your website, such as the landing page.


  1. Certifications

As your business grows, you are likely to get nominated for prestigious awards or gain certifications along the way. These credentials can be very important in showing social proof.

When potential customers see that you hold certain certifications or have been nominated for some prestigious awards, they are more likely to trust your brand and buy from you.

Certifications may also come in the form of the infamous ‘blue tick’ from social media giants like Facebook and Twitter, which goes a long way in assuring potential customers that you have the confidence of bigwigs.

Social proof marketing is a very effective conversion optimization tactic that all businesses should use to increase their sales in record time. You can create these with varying types of social proof popups from Leadforza and also integrate them into your website and other platforms that you use to sell.