Do you want to boost your eCommerce sales but struggle to get results? Do you encounter challenges while trying to grow your list? Then, this article is for you. 

Email popups are immensely valuable tools for growing your list and boosting sales. 

If you have not yet incorporated email popups into your marketing campaign, you are losing out on a simple and efficient way of generating leads and growing your newsletter subscription.

This article will help you get started with email popups. We will share strategies that can help you improve sales and conversion with email popups.

Before we explore how email popups can positively impact your business. Let’s find out why an email marketing channel is best for eCommerce stores. 

Why email marketing is best for eCommerce stores

Email marketing is crucial to a company’s long-term viability. The benefits of adopting successful email strategies are numerous.

Email marketing allows you to improve brand awareness, establish credibility, and cultivate genuine relationships with your customers. It’s also an excellent lead generation, revenue growth, and site traffic improvement technique.

Here is some of the latest data demonstrating how email marketing can help your eCommerce business succeed.

  •  99 per cent of consumers go through their email inboxes daily;
  • In 2022, the number of active email accounts was expected to reach 5.6 billion.
  • 80% of retailers believe email marketing is the most effective strategy to retain customers.
  • Nearly 60% of consumers say that e-mail marketing has the tendency to shape their purchasing decisions;
  • 42% of Americans sign up for promotional emails in exchange for receiving special deals and discounts.

Better for customer acquisition (than social media)

Don’t misunderstand us: social media is essential to any eCommerce store’s marketing plan.

Social media is an excellent platform for customer engagement and forging closer ties with your audience. 

As a result, conversion is a crucial step in achieving your main objective.

Email marketing, on the other hand, is the most effective strategy for gaining new customers, shoppers, and subscribers.

According to a 2013 Custora survey, customer acquisition through email marketing doubled in the four years prior to 2013. At the time, email marketing was responsible for approximately 7% of all online customer acquisitions.

Cost-effective and affordable

It’s simple, powerful, and low-cost. Email marketing helps businesses engage with a large customer base at a minimal cost per message.

If you are a small business on a shoestring budget, email marketing is an ideal choice for you. 

According to a joint study by and Forrester Research, email marketing is among the most cost-effective lead-capturing strategies, according to 85% of stores in the US.

Despite the proliferation of new technologies and social platforms, marketers continue to rely on email.

The reason is simple: email has been the channel with the highest return on investment for marketers for the tenth year in a row.

According to VentureBeat and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study, email marketing yields a $40 return on investment for every $1 spent.  

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, where printing, shipping, and other expenses can add up quickly, email campaigns are quite cheap. You can still produce the same graphics as emails but with the added benefit of having follow-up information ready with a single click to your website.

Perhaps more significantly, building an email list increases the cost benefits and the ROI by fostering a more personal relationship with the subscribers.

Because of the better rates of response that email marketing generates, you’ll get more favourable responses faster and at a lower cost per unit!

Personal and Customizable

Email marketing involves audience segmentation or categorizing subscribers into lists and then crafting a customized email message that targets or appeals to your reader. Equally, you can offer them something valuable.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, segmented and tailored emails yield 58 per cent of all revenues, while marketers who use segmented strategies see a 760 per cent boost in revenue, as per Campaign Monitor.”

“To our followers, we’d like to share…” is a common opening for social media messages sent to a wide audience on social media networks. However, if you use your email marketing software properly, you can contact recipients by name, segment relevant areas solely for particular members of your list, and eventually arrive in their mailbox privately.

It has been found that subject lines that carry the recipient’s name have a 26% higher open rate.

According to eConsultancy, 74% of marketers believe targeted customization boosts consumer engagement.

Email marketing techniques should never be used for spamming! It should be used strategically to increase brand loyalty and credibility.

Email marketing is vital for nurturing relationships with leads, prospects, existing customers, and even old customers since it allows you to interact effectively with them in their mailbox at a time that works best for them.

Email Popup Best Practices

We’ve compiled a list of email popup best practices that can help you build a great list of high-quality leads:

Ensure your email popup has a strong call to action.

Don’t add to the confusion. A specific, unambiguous call to action should be added to the popup.

Take note that if visitors are in your online store to shop, the popup will distract them. You must get in as swiftly as possible, collect the email address, and leave.

Add an Attractive Offer

Email Subscription Popup

People are drawn to incentives. This is why promotional offers like discount coupons and free delivery are so effective at helping you grow your email list.

This does not imply that you give a coupon to every visitor during the day. Anything valuable can be used as an incentive, not just money.

Offer a spectacular lead magnet if you’ve got one.

Make Your Email Popup Alluring by Using an Eye-Catching Layout

Your popup has the difficult task of balancing two seemingly contradictory ideas: it must fit in with the rest of your site’s design while yet standing out sufficiently to attract your visitors’ attention.

Lightbox popups are great because they allow you to keep your design consistent. When the popup opens, other elements of the site fade away, allowing the popup to be the only thing that stands out.

Use Popups with Exit-Intent Technology

Newsletter Popup

According to a study, 70% of site visitors who quit your store never return.

Using an exit-intent popup increases conversions by 2-4% and ultimately results in sales.

LeadForza’s Exit-Intent technology helps in tracking a visitor’s mouse movements. When they swiftly move their cursor to the upper part of the page, your popup opens, offering them still another opportunity to opt-in.

Exit intent doesn’t hold your visitors hostage; they still may close the popup and depart without revealing any information. It simply allows you to have one last conversation with the visitor before they depart.

Request visitor feedback.

A popup survey can benefit your eCommerce store in a variety of ways:

  • Find out how your visitors are engaging with your eCommerce store.
  • Identify any possible issues that are hindering conversions, leads, or sales.
  • Gather feedback from site visitors in a timely manner.
  • Engaging with users before they depart your site can help you decrease the number of abandoned shopping carts and boost sales.
  • Facilitates customer segmentation for online marketing initiatives.
  • Expand your email list.

You can create a popup survey like this with LeadForza:


pop up survey form

Use a Notification bar to make your request more visible.

web notification bar


Notification bars are a fantastic solution to keep your call-to-action visible at all times without interfering with your visitor’s browsing experience.

The notification bar can be placed in the upper or lower area of your web page, and it will remain that way while your visitor scrolls.

Why LeadForza is the Best Tool for Growing your Email List

Now that you have discovered strategies for growing your email list, what is the next step? What’s the best tool to use to get the best results?

LeadForza is an intelligent email popup solution that lets you create and showcase engaging popups on your site. LeadForza boasts hundreds of highly customizable pop-up templates. You can create a smart popup to boost your email list in three minutes or less.

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