Do you want to enhance the conversation rate on your eCommerce site?

A significant aspect of any eCommerce store is conversion rates. The fact remains that your business is less likely to be viable if visitors do not convert into customers.

It is impossible to find one magic trick that will automatically boost your eCommerce conversion rate.

To effectively convert visitors into paid customers and buyers, you will require a wide range of strategies and tools at your disposal.

Our article will enlighten you on how to improve your eCommerce store conversion rate using simple but effective tips.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s get started with our list.

Use Popups


It’s no secret that it takes less than five seconds to create a lasting impression. This is why popups and lead magnets are highly beneficial because they help to incentivise your site visitors.

A lead magnet is anything you freely offer your site visitors to gather valuable data, such as phone numbers or email addresses. Freebies can be in the form of a price slash, discount coupon or free consultation. The underlying factor is that it must be something your visitors will find useful or valuable.

Some examples include:

  • Trial subscription
  • eBooks
  • Free delivery
  • Promotional offers (20% discounts etc.)

Popups are among the most effective techniques you can use to build your email list through a lead magnet.

In some quarters, there are false narratives about popups, like “they ruin user experience” or they are overhyped.

But the fact remains that popups are highly beneficial!

A major challenge is that many eCommerce site owners fail to target their pop-ups properly. As a result, site visitors have to contend with a generic promotional offer.

To enhance your eCommerce site conversion, you have to customize your popups.

Using Leadforza is the best way to get great results.

Leadforza is easily the best pop-up tool for your eCommerce store.

Leadforza has over 30 beautiful templates and a simple drag-and-drop builder that makes tailoring popups for your eCommerce site a piece of cake.

The most exciting thing about Leadforza is that it is so easy to use that anyone can design a professional-looking popup without any tech skills.

This means, unlike other popup makers, Leadforza provides you with 100% control of your campaign’s appearance, layout, design, content and theme.

You can customize your popups within 5 minutes or less, having full control over their location, timing, and who they appear to be.

Leadforza simplifies your lead generation effort by doing all the work for you.

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Promote special offers with notification bars

notification bars

Notification bars are an effective conversion rate booster for any eCommerce store.

They are unique in that they are highly visible and won’t in any way upset or irritate your site visitors. You can create appealing notification bars with Leadforza.

Notification bars are an ideal alternative to popups. The reason is that they are very noticeable to your site visitors. You can place them at the bottom or top of your eCommerce site.

This is due to the fact that they are highly visible and may be attached to the top or bottom of your store. This is the most effective technique to capture visitors’ attention while keeping a positive user experience (UX).

So, how can you make the most of notification bars?

A good way is to create fear of missing out (FOMO) by incorporating countdown timers and seasonal discounts into it.

Time-bound marketing campaigns are usually very effective.

You’re more likely to convert a visitor if you offer them a discount on the products they want (and make it clear that they must act quickly to get it).

They’re also great for announcing special offers, such as free delivery:

It’s a great strategy to keep your customers interested, connected, and satisfied with your brand.

Get Rid of Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment

One of the most common issues that eCommerce site owners experience is cart abandonment.

Every year, over a billion dollars is lost because customers do not complete their checkout process.

It is estimated that over 60% of eCommerce shopping carts are abandoned on a year-to-year average.

So, what’s the best way to reduce that estimate?

With LeadForza’s exit-intent technology, you can provide a special offer or discount code to online shoppers who are about to abandon their cart.

Other ways to use exit-intent technology to incentivize and re-engage shoppers include:

  • a special, limited-time offer
  • an invitation to join a mailing list for special deals
  • assistance in completing the purchase

You can expect to see fewer cart abandonment and better sales with pop-ups powered by Exit-Intent technologies.

Create trust and credibility

When visitors look at your eCommerce website, they ask themselves two questions:

  • Does the site have the product I’m looking for?
  • Can I trust this site?

If your site has the product they’re looking for. Awesome.

But how do you respond to the issue of trust?

Is it really so necessary for visitors to trust your site? absolutely!

According to studies, 70% of online visitors will abandon your site and never return if they don’t trust your site

So, how do you boost your eCommerce store’s conversion rate while also establishing trust?

What you need is social proof.

As more people interact with your eCommerce store, social proof helps it gain trust.

Visitors will think you are reputable if they see other customers purchasing your products.

You can add social proof to your site in several ways. You can incorporate reviews, testimonials, live sales notifications, and more into your site.

Add sales FOMO pop up

Add sales FOMO pop up

eCommerce websites that already have a steady flow of traffic but wish to take their business to the next level can benefit greatly from real-time sales FOMO popups.

When someone makes a verified purchase on your site, you can send live sales notifications to your customers.

And there’s no better solution in the market for creating sales pop-ups than LeadForza:

Leadforza is, without a doubt, your best option for establishing trust in your potential customers.

It gives you the ability to create real-time sales pop-ups for your eCommerce website. It can also assist you in harnessing social proof at any phase of your business.

It is easy to generate innovative types of sales pop-ups using Leadforza. For instance, you can:

  • Display a real-time stream of website activity, such as payments, subscriptions, and signups.
  • Display the number of visitors who have visited your website and taken action during a specific time period.
  • Show a fixed notification to encourage visitors to take action or draw attention to critical information.

You’ll have complete control over the appearance, design, and content of your sales popup.

The amazing news is that you don’t need any technical expertise to put this together.

Leadforza has been shown to increase sales by up to 15%.

Would you like to witness it in action? Simply register your free Leadforza account right now!

Customize Your Site

Use fast-loading themes that minimize wait times while giving you complete control over the appearance of your store.

Your website is the face of your business.

Because your branding is how your customers remember you, it’s critical to incorporate it into every area of your eCommerce site.

Fortunately, you can implement all of the suggestions above while still retaining your brand’s style and flavor.

Leadforza provides you with complete control over the creative process, from emblems to fonts to colors and more.

Customers will feel happier buying from you and will start to trust your business if you take the time to personalize and create a seamless and professional-looking eCommerce platform.