Whether your eCommerce store ranks in the first pages of search engines or not, the average online reader spends a few seconds on a page.

Attention spans are getting shorter with increasing competition. Therefore, you must find ways to give your web visitors reasons to stay as soon as they land on your online store.

Thankfully, the use of web notifications and popup ads can help you leverage social proof and give your customers reason to not only stay but become conversions.

It has also become easy to create and deploy social proof popups and sales notifications into your eCommerce store. With an AI tool like Leadforza, you can design different types of sales popups for varying purposes and deploy them into your eCommerce store in minutes.

What’s more? You don’t have to break the bank either! In fact, Leadforza helps you start for free so you can plant your legs firmly into social proof marketing and the use of popups before the need to pay.

With Leadforza helping you already, here is how you can use sales popups to drive revenue and boost sales, increase engagement, and build massive email lists:


  1. Use Exit-Intent Popups to Reduce Bounce Rates

Leadforza’s exit-intent triggers are popups that appear when a user attempts to close your webpage and leave. Not only will high bounce rates affect your sales and revenue, but they can also lead to low ranks on search engine results pages (SERP).

The online marketing space is filled with stifling competition. Using exit-intent triggers gives you the last opportunity to convert a disinterested visitor before they leave.

By offering a good deal or discount on their next purchase, you will likely convince visitors to stay; hence, helping you to recover an almost-lost sale.


  1. Use Countdown Timers to Create FOMO

Another useful social proof popup that you can use in your eCommerce store is the countdown timer. Countdown timers are usually used for limited-time offers and special sales.

Although having a lot of traffic on your eCommerce store is good, you need to turn the traffic into conversions. Instead of waiting for web visitors to convert, countdown timers can help you drive urgency and create FOMO (the fear of missing out).

Countdown timers can be effective in driving impulse purchases. Most online shoppers would rather make an impulse purchase (especially for a product they are interested in) than regret not doing so later.

Besides countdown timers, other ways you can create urgency with sales popups on your eCommerce store include:

  • Offering free shipping for any purchase within the next 10 minutes.
  • $10 off any order within the next 2 hours.
  • 15% off for any other within the next 1 hour.

Making your offers time-bound but not too long (preferably not more than 5 hours) will inject more urgency and create the fear of missing out.


  1. Leverage User-Generated Content to Show Social Proof

User-generated contents are very important, especially for eCommerce stores. When online shoppers want to make a purchase, they usually want to see what other people are saying or have said about the product or service.

Therefore, it is good practice to show them what your past customers have said. You can also show endorsements from influencers and industry experts.

Showing what other people are saying can influence web visitors to convert because it shows social proof, builds confidence in your customers and gives your brand more credibility.

Leadforza allows you to deploy different user-generated content such as positive ratings, reviews, testimonials, and many more.


  1. Use Threshold Offers to Increase Average Basket Value

You can also use sales popups that provide threshold deals. Threshold offers work in such a way that users get something special – a discount or free shipping if their orders are worth a certain amount.

You can set your threshold at $50, $100, etc., as the case may be. For instance, creating a sales popup offering free shipping for any order worth $100 is a great way to ensure customers add more to their carts just to qualify for the offer.

This will help you increase sales and boost your revenue.


  1. Use Location Tracking to Provide Personalised Experience

With Leadforza’s location tracking, you can develop effective popups targeted at the appropriate audience and at the right time. This allows your customers to see relevant products and what most people in their location are buying.

This can help you deliver a customised, refined, and personalised shopping experience. Ecommerce is becoming competitive daily, and attention spans are also reducing.

Using sales notifications and social proof popups can help you keep user’s attention, grow traffic, and boost your sales remarkably.