FOMO – the fear of missing out is not new to human psychology. Humans have always had the feeling, and lately, its use in the marketing industry has increased rapidly.

Creating urgency in your web visitors by showing the activities of others is great for social proof. Adding a mix of FOMO makes it even better.

Leadforza is a unique tool that can help you create and design different social proof popups for your eCommerce website. These notifications can be used to increase FOMO in your web visitors and turn them into conversions in record time.

There are more than 20 different notification bars you can create with Leadforza. Here, we will look at the key ones that you can use for FOMO marketing. First of all, what is FOMO marketing?


What is FOMO Marketing?

You already know what FOMO means. Therefore, FOMO marketing is trying to sell your products and services by leveraging the human psychology that makes us afraid of future regrets due to the opportunities we didn’t take.

Naturally, humans will prefer to make an impulsive purchase than regret not doing it later. This is the feeling that marketers leverage in increasing sales and conversions.

Now, what are the different FOMO marketing notifications you can create with Leadforza?


Leadforza Notifications to Build FOMO in Customers

With up to 24 different notification widgets you can create, here are the ones that you can use to build urgency in your web visitors and convert them faster than before:



One of the best ways to create FOMO on your eCommerce website is by offering huge discounts and giving out coupons.

For example, some of your customers may be interested in one of your products or services. However, they may not plan to buy it yet.

Offering a limited-time offer with a coupon that helps them get the product for less than its original price will go a long way in convincing them to make the purchase.

They are interested in the product. The coupon widget will create the fear of missing out because they are unsure of such an opportunity in the future. Hence, they buy.


Live Counter

Leadforza also helps you create a live counter that can display the number of people on your site.

Showing real-time stats of the number of conversions you have for a product or the number of people currently viewing a page is another way of using FOMO marketing.

If these numbers are huge, it can prove to be social proof, but with a mix of FOMO in your web visitors. The high numbers mean the product or service could get sold out soon, pushing customers to make purchases quickly.

Latest Conversion

You can also create FOMO in customers by constantly updating them on the latest conversion. This is proof that people are buying the product and web visitors continue to see the increase in the number of people making purchases; they are more likely to jump on it.

With Leadforza, you can design a widget bar like this that will always send messages and popups to all your web visitors whenever someone makes a purchase on your site or purchases the product a prospect is currently looking at.


Conversions Counter

Conversions counter displays the number of sales or conversions you have had on a particular product. Not only is it social proof if the numbers are high, but potential customers are more willing to buy just to avoid regretting it.

This is why many people would prefer to stand in long queues to patronize a service, rather than go for the ones that offer the same service but have few people patronizing them.

People just want to follow the crowd when it comes to buying. One, because they believe that if many people patronize a brand, it must be good and will meet their standards. Two, FOMO.


Random Review

You can also use Leadforza to create a random review widget that displays the testimonials/rating/reviews of your clients casually.

If a customer has dropped a positive review of your product, this notification will be displayed at intervals to ensure web visitors make the buying decision.


Countdown Collector

Another super-effective FOMO marketing strategy is setting a time limit. Setting a time limit to show a discount on a product or a limited-time sale is a terrific way to build urgency in your web visitors.

Consumers will fear missing out on the deal once the timer elapses and will likely make a purchase.

FOMO marketing has proven to be very effective, especially when done right. With Leadforza, you can choose, build and design convincing social proof notifications that will build urgency in prospects and turn them to conversions almost as soon as they visit your site.