Notification bars are highly popular with eCommerce stores and online retailers who wish to convert visitors into paying customers. This is due to the fact that notification bars (floating bars or hello bars) are less intrusive and great at conversion. They are so reliable that many popup tools (like LeadForza) have them.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of notification bars and why they are important for your websites and online stores. The next section will focus on tips that can help you optimize your popup bars to improve conversions.

Why notification bars are great for your website

Here are the five most essential reasons you should consider notification bars for your website. They include:

They are non-intrusive.

Most people are hesitant to deploy popups on their websites because they erroneously believe that popups can negatively impact user experience. It might be because popups are displayed the moment the user is interacting with the site content. If this is a factor you are concerned about, the good news is that LeadForza notification bars are not intrusive or annoying. You can set them to display in the upper or lower area of your page, allowing users to see them without necessarily being put off.

Effective in promotion and marketing

Notification bars are effective at drawing your site visitor’s attention to the latest discount promos, sales conferences and webinars. It can also be utilized to build your email list, which is necessary to keep in touch with your prospective customers.

Drive Traffic to Targeted Pages

Notification bars can be used to encourage high traffic to a specific page. This is essential if you are marketing your product launch or want to direct visitors to a new resource page. To do this, set up a notification bar with brilliant copy lines, a compelling CTA button, and you’ll experience a spike in traffic real quick.

Build your email list

One of the best tools for encouraging sign-ups for newsletters is the notification bar. It has been found to be better at getting subscriptions than other popups. This is attributed to its non-intrusive layout and simplicity, making visitors value them the most.

5 Notification Bar Tips to Increase Conversions

Although notification bars are highly popular, lots of online stores do not put in the extra efforts that can improve the conversion rates of their websites. With these five tips for notification bars, you can achieve this in a hassle-free manner. Let’s explore them.

Use minimum space

Truth be told. Notification bars are appealing to site visitors because of their simple layout and the fact that they don’t take up a lot of space on web pages. Sadly, some websites, in a bid to increase the visibility of the notification bar, attempt to enlarge its size and consequently ruin the user experience. This usually leads to low email sign-ups and, even worse, site abandonment. The situation can ultimately lead to a high bounce rate.

Look at an example of a website with a notification bar occupying minimal space.

                                            Source: Freshbooks

Ensure your notification bar takes up the bare minimum space, and it should make sense in relation to the page content. To increase its appeal, add a compelling call-to-action button text with colours that match the website’s design.

Add Countdown Timers

Countdown Timers are effective at evoking the fear of missing out on your customers and visitors alike. Sometimes, to sell out your items fast, you need to create a sense of urgency. It is a subtle way of nudging your visitors in the right direction. Add a countdown timer to your notification bar during a discount sale event and watch as you generate quick sales.

Below is an example of an online store with a notification bar that has a countdown timer.

This is a fantastic example of a notification bar that features a countdown timer. The notification bar informs visitors that there is an ongoing discount promo and it is available for a limited time.

Utilize Advanced Triggering Options

Why should you display your notification bar the instant your visitor accesses your web page? Shouldn’t it be delayed for some seconds to give your visitor a chance to get a better sense of what your website is about?

You have to find the right triggering option for your notification bar. As we previously stated, it’s important to pay attention to the user experience when setting up notification bars. Trigger options can help to improve this as long as you choose the ideal ones.

For instance, LeadForza has lots of trigger options like exit intent, scroll percentage and page targeting options. This will help you showcase your notification bars to your visitors at the perfect time. Ultimately, doing this will not only add value to your user experience it will boost your site conversion.

Neat and Concise

Don’t overload your notification bar with too much text. Ensure your copy lines are brief and succinct. This will increase the chances of your popup converting visitors. Here’s a perfect example of a clear and concise notification bar template.

Wordpress Notification Bar

This is a neat, aesthetically pleasing template and is ideal for online stores that value simplicity, elegance and conversion. The copy lines are brief and have a visually attractive design that can draw the visitors’ attention.

Add freebies and giveaways

To increase the appeal of your notification bar, you can add freebies and giveaways. Popups with gifts enjoy better engagement and conversion rates.

Some examples of freebies you can add to your notification bar include ‎discounts and coupons, ‎limited-time offers, exclusive offers, books, free shipping etc.