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Floating YouTube Popup Video

Floating YouTube Popup Video

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How to Create Your YouTube Pop Up

A YouTube popup adds a YouTube video to your site. It acts as an on-site video player that starts playing at a specific time.

It offers your blog content or website that extra boost. Visuals are processed three times faster than text in the brain. This implies that y our site visitors will be able to absorb information more quickly.

Another advantage of video pop-ups is that the time it takes a visitor to watch a video is counted in the amount they spend on your website, thereby lowering the bounce rate.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to launch new products and services. YouTube popups can showcase the software’s capabilities for SaaS enterprises. If you pair this with a fantastic blog or landing page, you’ll be able to move your customers to the next stage of your sales funnel.

Because videos are more captivating than text, it is yet another useful tool in any marketer’s toolbox.

Why Use YouTube Popup Hack

Increase conversions

According to studies, 10% of top-performing pop-ups increase conversion rates by 9.28 percent on average. YouTube Popups are an excellent way to capture website visitors’ attention and encourage them to convert. Popups are impossible to ignore.

Increase trust

You can use a YouTube popup to showcase the face of your business. Visitors will be able to see them happy in the video and observe and listen to their gestures and expressions. All of this adds a personal touch to a business and fosters trust. As a result, 81 percent of marketers agree that videos have a favorable influence on sales.

Educate the customer instantly.

Consumers are 131 per cent more likely to buy from a company that provides educational content early in the engagement process. You can use YouTube popups for tutorials, DIY and hack videos.

Our YouTube popup templates are easily customizable and can serve your unique business needs. They also have exit-intent technology that helps you convert site visitors to paying customers and subscribers. You won’t have any problem increasing engagement and collecting feedback because they are highly effective.

Create your Floating YouTube Popup Video in 6 Easy Steps

Follow this tutorial to have Floating YouTube Popup Video running on your site in just a few simple steps.

Access the LeadForza account and log in

leadforza log in

First, you have to access the Leadforza login page and sign in for free.

Next, you will be directed to the dashboard, where you can set up add domain and create a new popup.

Select Create Popup.

Then, you will be directed to the popup page.

Scroll below and search for “Chumash.” Tap Ctrl + F on your keyboard to find it faster.

Select “Create Now.”

Edit Content

Add names and titles

Choose any notification name and title.

Edit the YouTube Video Embed Url, Button Url and text.

Navigate to the trigger tab

A trigger is an event that enables your popup to display.

If you need your visitors to engage with your popups, it is important to set up triggers for your popups to appear!

In this tab, you can edit the display frequency and display trigger as well as indicate if you want your trigger to appear on mobile devices or desktops.

Change Display 

The fourth tab is Display Rules. You can specify here when and how often your FOMO popups will appear.

Add Customization

The next tab is Customize. In this tab, you’ll tailor the appearance and style of your popup to match your website aesthetics. You can change the color, font style and size of your title, description and also background. There is also an option to edit the borders and animation of your popup.

Create your YouTube popup today


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