We have always talked about how to improve the conversion rate of your website. The best tool to power up your site’s sales and conversion is LeadForza. It is user-friendly and effective.

To grow your business, you will have to understand how to create high conversion email popups. This is because email popups help you convert visitors into paying customers. It boosts your sales and your capacity to make profits from existing and new customers.

“Email popup” should be more than a buzzword for you. It is a tool that can help your business become more successful. It can make all the difference for your business, allowing you to experience an increase in leads, traffic and revenue.

The story doesn’t end there. You need to do some evaluations like:

  • Do I have functional or high conversion popups?
  • Do my popups have high conversion rates and have they effectively led to more sign-ups?
  • Are my email popups beautiful or unattractive to users?

These questions are easy to answer. You will soon know the right solution.

If your popups are doing well in your online store, it’s absolutely great!

However, if you are not getting the right results with your popup, then it could be detrimental. You may lose plenty of potential customers and all those high sales figures!

Because of this, we will be exploring the best tips to help you create high conversion email popups.

This will help you power up your sales and business! (This is our slogan. It’s catchy, isn’t it?)

What are the benefits of creating high conversion email popups?

I’ll get right to the point.

Email popups are super beneficial for your online store because they help you build your email list, improve sales, market products, increase sign-ups and more.

To put it all together in one catchy sentence,

Popups Can Power Up Your Email Marketing Strategy!

Because of this, you have to pay attention to this free technique of acquiring email leads (if you haven’t used email popups already, you are losing out on some effective customer retention strategies).

Best Tips to Create High Conversion Email Popups

#Tip 1: Ensure your Headline is Impactful and Actionable

One glance at this article’s title will convince you that it delivers a clear message. Isn’t it?

That’s the way you should craft your popup headline: effectively expressing a clear message powerful, compelling and actionable.

Note that your popups are not the place to showcase your clever writing skills or ask customers to solve puzzles. They are your gateway to stimulating growth. Exit intent popups are the perfect example because they convey a clear and concise message.

Therefore, be sure to consider the message that your popup will deliver to your audience. Here is a good example of a popup headline:

Email Subscription Popup

#Tip 2: Add a clear Call-to-Action

The call-to-action button is an important element of every email popup.

The main aim of email popups is to collect emails by ensuring that site visitors sign in and steadily build up your email list (which will likely not occur without a call-to-action in your popup)

However, do not hurry to add a call-to-action button for the fun of it. That’s not the way it works.

Your call-to-action button needs to have a defined and result-driven goal.

Don’t forget that you have already distracted your visitor by showcasing a popup. Thus, there’s a good risk that your visitor will abandon your website and never return if your popup doesn’t function effectively.

A compelling call to action button with bold colours and attention-grabbing text like this popup here would be a smart option.

When you design your popup with this in mind, visitors will find your popup appealing, and it will grow your conversion rates.

ebook for email list

#Tip 3: Attractive Design and Layout

An important factor that can make and mar your popup’s effectiveness is its design and layout. Digital marketing specialists have found that beautiful popups with neat, simple layouts have better conversion rates and outshine those flashy ones.

The reason is that flashy popups often divert visitors’ attention from what is important and struggle to do what is necessary.

Take a look at the popup below. It is neat, aesthetically pleasing and properly colored (although black and white is just as effective) and has a clear and compelling popup that directly states what the visitors will earn!

So it’s best to personalize your popup if you want to grow your email list and improve your brand.

Here’s a pro tip: Colors have the ability to impact readers’ perceptions. For instance, while purple is associated with luxury and grandeur, blue has a calming, soothing effect on your readers.

Decide what your target market is. Choose popups with light (soft) colors if your website caters mostly to women; if it caters to men, choose popups with bolder colors.

#Tip 4: Make irresistible offers

Everyone appreciates free stuff! For example, LeadForza is available for free as long as you provide your email address.

It’s hard to resist, right?

That’s the way it works!

Giving away something valuable increases the level of trust between you and your customers. In market parlance, this is called a “lead magnet”. This is a free item or freebie that encourages your site visitors to give up their email addresses. Some examples are free shipping, ebook, video guide, discount code etc.

Here’s a great example of a popup with an irresistible offer:

"Exit intent, Scroll Percentage, Email collector, List builder, Newsletter,


#Tip 5: Responsive popups

If your email popups are not responsive enough, especially for mobile devices, it can have a tremendous negative effect on your user experience. The truth is that websites that pay less attention to this critical factor and frustrated users face harsh penalization from Google.

Therefore, you have to ensure that your email popups are compatible with all devices.

LeadForza popups are mobile responsive.

#Tip 6: Make it simpler to close pop-up windows.

Do you know how annoying it would be if your visitors can’t close your popup window?

Yes, it will cause them to read the text on your popup. But it can be frustrating.

Don’t forget that popups can annoy visitors. If people have trouble closing, it gets even more frustrating. Your website is going to drive people crazy, causing site abandonment. You alone are to blame, by the way!

Learn to let visitors be if they are not interested in your offers.

You will continue to receive impressions, which are equally significant. If your website has a strong focus on user experience, it will start attracting more repeat customers over time.

Thus, ensure you design a clear or visible close icon. It should be the proper size—not too big or too little.

The Conclusion

According to a survey, the top 10% of the best-converting popups had a conversion rate of 9.28% on average.

We are aware that topping the leaderboards will be challenging. However, it doesn’t matter! If you follow the tips we listed above, you will get the results you desire. 

It takes a weeny bit of time before your visitor chooses to opt-in or not. This is why you should create attention-grabbing popups that will encourage your audience and prospective customers to click “yes” every time.

Now you know how to make your popup convert better, it’s time to create one.

With LeadForza, you can create quality popups that can get you positive results in seconds. We have an easy-to-use editor that can make your design flawless and hassle-free.