More leads will result in more revenue! Do you agree with this statement? There is a need to strategize and change your approach if you are not getting enough leads.

Lead generation is highly essential for every business. It is the key to getting the results you want.

The latest studies indicates that 78% of B2B businesses have value lead quality over quantity. This implies to compete , you have to use effective b2b lead generation tools.

Why is creating an email list crucial for your business growth?

Even if your eCommerce website is nicely designed and easy to use, customers will not always return as often as you like.

When this happens, they may miss out on promotional events like giveaways, Black Friday discounts, price slash, etc. This is where businesses can derive benefits from email marketing tools.

With the click of a button, your prospective customers will be returned to your website during any significant event. Grow your engagement by sharing some of your latest updates and events with your customers. This will improve your brand recognition as it will encourage a more consistent site visit.

A single click of your potential customers will grab them back to your site during any prominent announcements. Keep people interested in your website by providing the most recent information and significant news. It encourages frequent site visits, which boosts brand recognition.

Lead generation campaign goes beyond getting more leads and website visitors. It is a great way to collect customer data, improve your site traffic and grow your customer interaction.

Lead generation is not a simple task. This is why we have a collection of the best lead generation tools for email list building.


LeadForza is a lead generation solution that caters to the needs of businesses through innovative popup technology. LeadForza has a rich collection of pop-up templates that can easily capture the attention of your site visitors.

Furthermore, LeadForza is rich in site-specific popup templates for bloggers, eCommerce stores, landing pages, etc. This allows you to tailor your popup to meet your marketing objectives without any hassle.


Lead Feeder

Lead Feeder is a valuable tool for identifying website visitors. It is structured and developed for marketing professionals and salespeople. The dashboard allows you to access the data you need, such as the businesses that have accessed your website but have not completed the form to subscribe to your emails.

There is no need to direct traffic to your site when your email list is not getting results. Thus, Lead Feeder can add value to any marketing campaign.


  • Active tracking such as business name, size, etc
  • Extensive analytics on web traffic and their behavior
  • Perfectly clear data about the source from which visitors originate onto your website


Skrapp is a popular no-cost B2B lead generation tool that can help you capture your site visitor’s LinkedIn email address. All you have to do is You can install Skrapp as your chrome extension and tap on the “find email” button.

The algorithm of the Skrapp plugin can assist in building your email address in a streamlined manner. Its user-friendly dashboard simplifies storage and management to sync up with the lead directory.


  • You can look up the email addresses of your potential clients with one click of your mouse.
  • You can use the search feature to find a specific online profile. All you have to do is input their name and look up their email address.
  • Easy targeting.


Hunter is another effective lead generation solution for quick email research. Hunter is unique in that it assists you in searching and verifying email addresses. If you are searching for a person’s email, then Hunter is a great tool to use to capture it.

Although it is not 100% accurate, it is free to use. It is a great tool for generating B2B leads, and it should be in your lead generation toolkit.


  • Valid email address for online visitors.
  • Super useful for sales, marketing and outreach campaigns.
  • Hunter has a Chrome extension available.


When it comes to delivering quality email prospecting solutions, AeroLeads stands out. It is a b2b lead generation platform that allows users to accurately access email addresses and other contact details. This greatly increases your chances of connecting with your leads in the right inbox.

You can use the AeroLeads extension by installing it on your Chrome browser. All you have to do is input the valid data and AeroLeads will work on your behalf to retrieve the business’s contact info.


  • A valuable tool in getting leads in real time.
  • Multi-channel support
  • It assists you in gathering company data, email addresses, and B2B data.


HubSpot CRM has a free plan. It is a wonderful tool for managing, monitoring, and nurturing leads. It allows users to follow up on interactions automatically and stay abreast of developments and happenings.

HubSpot makes it simple to collect, process, and engage with leads. Additionally, HubSpot is simple to integrate with any customer relationship management solution. You can generate appealing content via HubSpot to capture the visitor’s attention.


  • Harness the power of customer loyalty for SEO
  • a solid understanding of the customer’s earlier interactions with the sales team
  • Features like free bookings will delight the customer


Pardot is a well-known lead generation tool. It is great for lead management and qualification. As a result, you can be sure that only the most viable leads will be followed. It supports fine-grained segmentation and promotional chatbots for improved communication with your prospective customers.

Pardot has a significant role to play in the growth of B2B leads. Many successful businesses rely on Pardot to assist them to analyze their leads, thanks to its reliable technology.


  • Improvement in Qualified Leads
  • The smart automation feature offers users a seamless experience.
  • Effective Marketing Automation
  • It allows marketers to use purpose-built solutions to optimize the customer funnel.

Mobile Monkey

Mobile Monkey is among the most effective live chat lead generation tools today. It assists business owners in active audience engagement. Furthermore, it helps in managing and building your email list. The platform provides round-the-clock support across multiple platforms.

You can access the live chat platform on the business website. With Mobile Monkey, you can capture your visitor’s attention and convert them to paying customers.


  • instant live chat
  • Incorporate live chat with Facebook Messenger.
  • Boost the visibility of your posts on social media


UpViral is an effective lead generation platform for the management of online contests and promotional events. If you want to run a sweepstakes, waitlist and loyalty reward campaign on social media, Upviral will serve your business needs. The tool can also be used to curb fake entries to your promo.

Upviral has plenty of custom-ready campaign templates that help in capturing visitors and encouraging them to support your business. It is time-saving, grows your brand engagement and builds your email list.


  • strict automatic authentication of entries to online contests
  • attractive, gamified leaderboards that are interactive. It assists in effective lead generation.
  • Other user-friendly sales tools.