Social proof is a marketing strategy that leverages the behavior of customers to influence other customers in making buying decisions.

Social proof notifications appear on websites and apps, showing real-time updates on sales data, conversions, user reviews, and testimonials, among many other types of information that can convince potential customers to make purchases.

Nowadays, adding social proof notifications to your website does not take much. In fact, with leading social proof platforms like Leadforza, you can get to add highly effective notifications and popups to your website to convert at a higher rate than before.

Social proof marketing is a crucial digital marketing strategy that all businesses should use, whether small or large. When potential customers see that hundreds or thousands of other people are purchasing or have purchased a product, they are far more likely to do so as well.

Social proof notifications can come in several forms, such as:

  • User-generated content like reviews and testimonials
  • Celebrity endorsements
  • Live conversion and sales updates
  • Leveraging sold-out products
  • Stamp of approval from experts in your industry
  • Popups describing the number of customers that have purchased products within a period of time, etc.

Social proof notifications can act as the push on the back for customers who are unsure whether to buy a product or not.

As they pop up on pages to show information about the buying behavior of other customers, potential customers are more likely to want to follow suit and get the positive experience of others.

Instead of static product pages, social proof notifications are live and will pop up on the viewer’s page anytime a customer somewhere has made a purchase and show the number of sales made, visitors, and so on.

Advantages of Social Proof Notifications

Although some business owners harbor doubts about social proof notifications partly because they are worried about annoying potential customers, this tool can be very beneficial if implemented and designed properly.

With Leadforza and several other platforms available to design any type of social proof notification, you have many options to create and add appropriate ones that will convert customers without causing distractions or annoyance.

Here are some of the advantages of social proof notifications:


Builds Urgency in Web Visitors to Make Purchases

With real-time updates on sales, social proof notifications can create demand and build urgency in your web visitors to buy your products.

When potential customers see real-time updates of how much a product is selling, they are far more likely to join the train and make purchases.


More Conversions

Conversions could be selling your products or signing up for a newsletter, amongst many others. Social proof leverages the psychology of humans to follow trends.

With live and regular updates showing that other people are doing what you are asking other customers to do, they are more likely to do the same.

With the increasing possibility of potential customers and web visitors making purchases and performing a preferred task, you are more likely to get conversions.


Build Credibility 

Social proof messages and notifications can help you create a bandwagon effect for your products, making your business look credible in the long run.

By creating demand through social proof popups and showing how much sales you are making or have made, potential customers will likely trust your brand because others trust it.


Boost Confidence

With data from recent sales and user-generated content like positive reviews and high ratings, customers are more confident to make informed buying decisions.

There are many other benefits of social proof notifications, like reducing cart abandonment. You also don’t have to break the bank to get started with social proof marketing.

Instead, with affordable and effective platforms like Leadforza, you can create and integrate a social proof tool that will almost certainly pay for itself within ten minutes.