Nowadays, the use of social proof can be found in almost any business, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Here, we will look at the examples of social proof we have and how you can use leading social proof platforms like Leadforza to create different kinds of social proof popups and notifications.

What is social proof? Social proof is a marketing strategy that leverages the psychology of humans to behave in a way that other people are.

This means that people are more likely to do something because other people or a person of repute has done it or is doing it.

When you see a long line of customers waiting to get serviced at a coffee shop or a celebrity wearing a clothing brand, it makes the products and services more appealing.

You can use this same marketing tactic in your business regardless of if you are still a small-scale business or are now a bigwig in your industry.

For online businesses, here are some examples of social proof that you can use and integrate into your social media, website, and mobile app using Leadforza and the likes.


User-Generated Content: Testimonials, Customer reviews

User-generated social proof is when your existing customers recommend products and services based on their experiences.

This could come in different forms, such as testimonials, social media praises, high positive ratings, and reviews.

Testimonials are when you create case studies about the positive experience of other users when using your products. You use these successful sales as an example for potential clients.

Reviews and ratings are also part of user-generated content that can be used as social proof. High ratings and positive reviews can help convince more customers to make informed buying decisions.

Expert Approval

This is when an expert or influencer in your industry recommends your products and services. They could do this by making a positive comment about your product, referring to it in their blogs, posting on social media, or being photographed with the product.


Celebrity Endorsements

This example of social proof happens when a celebrity or a public figure promotes your products on social media, broadcast media, or in public.

Many businesses pay celebrities to endorse their products, and while that is effective, it may be more meaningful if the approval is unpaid.


Certifications and Credentials

Certification is when an authoritative body approves your business in your industry or one that is recognized worldwide.

This could also come in the form of the infamous ‘blue tick’ on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Business credentials are also another example of social proof that can give your brand more credibility.

You can promote records of how many customers you have, the awards you have been given, nominations, and many other recognitions.


Crowds: Large Social Media Followers

Humans are naturally more inclined to do what hundreds or thousands of other people are doing or have already done.

Therefore, another example of social proof is social media popularity. With large social media followers and thousands of likes and engagements, people are more likely to buy from you.


Live Conversion Updates

Showcasing live conversion updates is another example of social proof. By displaying real-time, verified conversions, customers are more likely to buy because they see others doing so.

You can also show conversion updates from a particular location so users can see the highest-selling products, which will make them follow through and make purchases.


Sold-Out Pages

Another example of social proof is sold-out product pages. When you sell out a product, endeavor to leave it there.

Online shoppers are more inclined to buy a product when they see others like it so much that it has been sold out. This gives the impression that the product is valuable and many people are interested in it.

However, you can also drop a little note on when you expect the product to be available, preferably soon.

More and more sites and businesses are starting to see the value of social proofs. Thankfully, you can get started today on several leading platforms like Leadforza and see value in as little as ten minutes!