Are you looking for the best app to create web popups and sales notifications that keep your customers updated? Or you are looking for ways to drive up sales on your eCommerce website, among many other reasons.

Whatever your reasons are, sales notifications effectively engage customers, increasing your chances of more conversions and helping users out.

Gone are the days when it took huge investments and a long working process to get sales notifications designed and integrated into a website.

Today, platforms like Leadforza and the likes help you create your web popups and sales notifications easily.

These popups can be deployed into any website or platform, including WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc., and you get to see visible results in as little as 15 minutes!

Here, we will look at some of the features and functionalities that make Leadforza stand out as one of the leading tools in creating sales popup and web notifications.

Why Leadforza is one of the best for creating Sales Notifications and Web Popups

Leadforza Helps Build Credibility

Leadforza offers one of the fastest ways to gain recognition and credibility, especially for businesses and eCommerce websites that are new to digital marketing.

With this tool, you can create several social proof notifications and have them integrated into your website in a flash.

This will help you create a bandwagon effect through user-generated content like ‘random review’, which rubs off on the majority of your website’s visitors and increases your popularity.


Increase Conversions by 200% With Leadforza

Another reason why Leadforza is one of the best tools to create sales popup and web notifications is that it assures up to a 200% increase in your conversions and sales.

Leadforza can drive up incremental value by helping you deliver a personalised and informative digital marketing experience to your web visitors and customers.

This can increase sales within 24 hours and help you convert up to 3x more than you currently do.

Customers usually feel they do not have enough information to make the decisive buying decision, hence, abandoning their carts. Leadforza will help your recover the majority of abandoned carts, ensuring you still make revenue from uncompleted sales.


Boost User Confidence and Trust

SocilProovy helps you create real-time copy that can encourage customers and prospects to shop fully confident in your products and brand.

Some web notifications allow you to show your recent sales and overall conversions. Information like these can create demand and also give prospects the needed confidence boost in making buying decisions.

This will help you cement the trust and loyalty of potential customers immediately they visit your site.


Advanced Lead Generation

You can also create web popups with Leadforza that allows you to collect leads easily. Web notifications also serve as an easier alternative to lead capture forms, and with lead magnets, you can generate leads faster using web popups.

Leadforza also helps you build massive email lists. If a prospect does not convert today, who says they won’t in future?

Having their email addresses while you send product offers, newsletters, discounts, promotions, and coupon codes can facilitate the quick return of customers.


Leadforza Pays for Itself

It is already an established fact that Leadforza will pay for itself. In fact, you can get your money back from the first purchase.

As a leading social proof tool, Leadforza offers unbelievably low prices for the value on offer.

With super affordable pricing, every business can now leverage the power of FOMO and social proof to increase conversions and sales, boost customer experience and satisfaction without straining their budgets.


More than 20 Different Web Notifications

What makes platforms stand out as the best is the ability to offer you several different options for your sales popup and web notifications.

Unlike many others, Leadforza allows you to create up to 24 varieties of web notifications. All the popups work specially in providing different benefits for your website so that you can yield the best results.


Free Version

Leadforza allows you to start a premium version with access to extensive features for ZERO charges. No credit card required. You can have a feel of the tool and start enjoying the benefits without paying a dime.