Although they sometimes get criticised for causing distraction and being annoying, popup ads can be highly effective, especially if used strategically.

You can design your popup advertisements not to be seen as an invasion but instead appeal to web visitors and prospects.

To create special popup ads that will enhance user experience, increase engagements and help you convert at a higher level than before, you need a unique tool like Leadforza.

Leadforza is a free marketing tool that allows you to create different popup ads, sales and web notifications that can be deployed into your eCommerce website within minutes.

The tool allows you to create more than 20 distinct popup ads and integrates successfully with any website, platform or plugin. This includes WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and many others.

Let us look at some effective ways to use Leadforza to design effective popup ads for your website.


  1. Use Popups to Offer Discounts to First-Time Buyers

One effective way to use popup ads is by giving first-timers a discount. As difficult as it is to drive new traffic to your website, it is even tougher to convert this traffic.

To make your eCommerce website appealing to prospects, provide discounts for their first time purchase.

You can ensure visitors enter their email to receive the promo code via email. Whether they end up using their discount code or not, you receive their email address.

People usually try to get the best bargains, so a 5-15% discount will certainly be worth their email addresses.

  1. Create Countdown Timers for your Limited-time Offers

Leadforza allows you to design a countdown timer that you can put on your website. It could be on your landing page or anywhere you desire – but strategically so it will not be annoying.

Countdown timers can help build urgency and inject FOMO (the fear of missing out) into your customers and prospects. You will certainly be offering an amazing deal, so customers will most likely make an impulse purchase rather than regret not taking action later on.

You can place countdown timers strategically on your website by embedding them within scrolling header or footer bars. This ensures it does not interfere with the user’s interaction with your website while still being visible enough to create the needed sense of urgency.


  1. Use Popup Ads to Build Email List, but Hide the Form

Besides offering discounts, you can also use lead magnets like ebooks to build your email list. However, don’t just jump into it; you need to be strategic to make it more effective.

The more form fields you place on your landing page, the lesser the chances of conversions. Therefore, when trying to collect email addresses, do not make the form visible.

Numbers show that click popups convert 12x better than other email popups because the web visitor triggers the popup’s appearance.

To do this, offer value like the ebook we discussed earlier with a button that says ‘Get it now’ or a CTA button. The form will then be displayed when the user clicks on the button.

At this point, they are unlikely to go back, especially if the form fields are just one or two at most.


  1. Provide Cart Exit Offers to Prevent Abandoned Carts

Another effective way to use popup ads is by offering shoppers who attempt to leave their cart without checking out exclusive exit offers.

These incentives are in the popup that appears after they try to close their checkout page, so they have a change of heart and take the offer.

However, instead of asking for their email, you just give the shopper the discount code.


  1. Increase Customers’ Order Sizes Using Threshold Offers

Threshold offers aim to provide discounts or amazing offers whenever a web visitor reaches particular points in their order value.

For instance, you can offer free shipping for every order above $50 or $100, as the case may be. For users who planned to buy products worth less than the threshold, this offer will be tempting and will likely want to increase their order size to qualify.

Other ways to use popup ads effectively includes providing personalised content delivery like upselling and cross-selling. This can boost average order values and ensure customers spend more time on your website, which increases your chances of selling more.