In simple terms, social proof relates to how other people’s activities impact our own. For example, we presume that if a lot of people are partaking in something, it has to be good. This is because we are more likely to do something when we know that many have tried it before us or that it’s been done successfully in the past.

While social proof may be used in many different ways in the eCommerce industry, not everyone has the resources or is willing to put in the time or effort required to implement it effectively in their own businesses.

However, it is highly essential.

Why Social Proof Works

We agree that social proof is among the most effective marketing tactics available today for increasing consumer confidence and establishing trust early in the purchase process.

However, the impact of social proof on customers depends on the level of trust signals or people advocating the brand or product.

The more trust signals you can send, the better.



The picture above demonstrates how social proof is used on all of eBay’s product pages:

  • The number of customers who have seen this product within the last 24 hours.
  • The number of orders that have been placed for that item thus far?
  • The number of people seeing the item on the page
  • The number of customer reviews received by the seller.

But why go to such lengths to showcase so many various kinds of social proof?

Increasing competition and a loss of trust in advertisements have a significant impact on the customer experience and how they make decisions.

This creates a huge marketing barrier for eCommerce businesses.

Customers can easily assess brands based on price, reliability, and customer satisfaction with just a few clicks, making it difficult for shops to distinguish themselves from their rivals. Traditional marketing strategies simply aren’t as effective.

Social proof, on the other hand, enables Commerce stores to integrate ‘the customer feedback’ in their marketing communications, which could be the most effective technique to go above the clutter today.

Businesses can create trust with buyers and motivate prospective ones to purchase their products or services with confidence by including social proof at every point of the buying process, whether it’s testimonials, positive reviews, likes, or shares.

Customers can also use social proof to immediately pick which product to buy by simply seeing how everyone else interacts.

Customers are more likely to purchase a product if they see others doing so. This is the reason it’s been argued that social proof is a powerful conversion booster.

So today you’re in for delight because I’ve got some very cool examples of social proof pop-ups for you to look at so you can see how you can use them to enhance your sales and conversions without spending lots of money.

Social Proof Popups come in a variety of forms.




Customer testimonials are incredibly powerful and the most popular type of social proof. They might be product reviews, comments, or videos.

Here’s why they are important:

  • Customer reviews give your eCommerce store an improved reputation.
  • They allow happy consumers to market your business; and

It seems as though they are copying the advice we receive from people we know and trust. When deployed as pop-ups, social proof in the form of customer testimonials gives a gentle nudge, prompting users to act without feeling rushed or compelled to buy.


There’s a reason why bestsellers are so popular. At least, that’s what we believe. The “bestseller” label verifies that the item is indeed the “best.” If a large number of customers buy/use a thing, they must be enjoying an experience that we are yet to have

Because of the rising expenses of customer acquisition, you can’t risk losing a new site visitor.

Although bestsellers can persuade anyone, they’re a particularly useful guide to first-time visitors as they provide them with something to start with.

While many eCommerce websites assist their clients in navigating through recent additions or featured items, bestsellers perform better than conventional product catalogues since they have a “seal of approval” from many customers.

Also, this social proof of bestsellers is excellent for drawing clients back to your store who have become confused.

Another wonderful option is to add a product recommendation popup to your 404 pages, which will alleviate your visitors’ irritation by redirecting them to where you meant them to land in the first instance instead of letting them become frustrated by the error webpage.

It’s great for boosting conversions and lowering bounce rates.

Combine Social Proof and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO).


Pop up Timers


Bestsellers aren’t simply selling more because of social proof; it’s because of other factors. Scarcity is another reason why this sort of social proof works so well.

If a product is doing well, the chance of running out of stock increases because of the limited supply. As a result, the term “bestseller” facilitates user decision-making by emphasising scarcity.

The best way to discourage a shopper from abandoning their cart is to show them an exit intent pop-up warning them that the item they’re looking at is in limited supply and may sell out shortly.



fomo on mobile


The simple truth is that numbers boost social proof by showcasing statements that back up your product’s value. For example, when nine out of 10 dentists endorse a mouthwash brand, we trust it and are more likely to purchase the same.

You can use the magic of numbers to strengthen your social proof popup, whether you’re trying to persuade people to subscribe to your newsletter or finalize a purchase.



Granted! We are more influenced by the advice of experts than the opinions of the average customer simply because we assume that experts are more knowledgeable. You can achieve this by utilizing a social proof popup to demonstrate or increase your expert knowledge within your industry.


It’s all about amplifying your social proof. Using social proof is a surefire way to increase the number of people who become subscribers to your mailing list or customers.

Despite the fact that social proof is ubiquitous in email campaigns and paid commercials, marketers consistently underuse it in on-site content.

By using LeadForza social popup makers, you’ll be able to improve the reputation and trustworthiness of your eCommerce store. This will lead to more sales and conversions.