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Effortlessly integrate with any website, whether it uses Google Tag Manager or not. Import leads into your email, email marketing tool, or Zapier via Webhook.

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Empower your blog to make more money from your existing traffic.

With LeadForza Popups, you can pop out trending articles, show your latest posts, and build your email list. Turn your blog into a powerhouse of revenue stream.

Event Trigger Types

Exit Intent

When a visitor is about to leave your website, a popup appears. This boosts your site’s conversion rate by up to 150%.

Scroll Percentage

Maximize your blog’s engagement rate. Popups can be triggered to appear precisely when the user gets to a specified point on the page.

Time On Site

Using our intent-driven popups is the perfect way to boost your conversion rate. Use our highly customizable templates or create your own design.

Page Specific

Grow your site engagement rate. Trigger popup to appear on a specified page. 

Real Success Stories

Bloggers, freelancers and industry experts are using LeadForza to increase awareness, engagement, boost site engagement, lower bounce rates and more.

Biographypile use LeadForza popup to uplift their blog monetization up to 20%. They are now in the process of redesigning their blog.


biographypile – Blog


Zebrabuzz is on board with LeadForza. Everything runs smoothly for them. It has significantly increased their conversion rates by 35%

ZebraBuzz – Chatbot

With LeadForza popups, UgoHomeWare is currently witnessing a 40% increase in conversion rate

UgoHomeWares- Online stores

IGsumo has doubled its signup rates by integrating LeadForza popups.

IGsumo- Chatbot

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How LeadForza Can Help You

Create Popups from our customizable templates to capture your blog visitors before they leave your blog page. Guide them to spend more time on your blog and increase the impression and click-through rate of sponsored links.

What You Must Know

Q. Convert Blog Visitors into more revenue

LeadForza’s social proof tool helps you design effective event triggers that ensure you convert faster and higher right from landing pages.

Our popups work immediately after you integrate them into your website. Easily and fully customize any type of template or create your own custom design. Display how many people have read, the latest news or blog and encourage people to move from page to page than they ever did.

Our social proof tool increases conversion rates and drives up revenue for the world’s biggest retailers and brands.

Deploy cutting-edge popups and FOMO notifications that empower your blog to generate more revenue.

Collect Email of Subscribers and Visitors

To run a successful blog, you will need visitors. The most important visitors are those who return regularly, become fans of your blog and recommend your blog to others.

So how do you contact these readers? By email.

And the most effective way to collect your visitor’s email is through LeadForza. Email is among the most effective marketing strategies to encourage repeat visitors and improve brand loyalty. It is still considered the “traditional” method of user engagement, and many people find it to be easier and less upsetting.

Q. Redirect visitors to the sales page

In some instances, you might need to redirect your readers to a different page. This is usually the case with blogs that have a product page, online store or engage in affiliate marketing. You can use LeadForza popups to encourage visitors to market products and services in your web content. They are effective because they grab attention but at the same time are not distracting or annoying.

You can also add a countdown timer to empower your visitors to engage with your site. You can instill a sense of urgency while conveying to your readers the importance of engaging in an activity as the offer is time-sensitive.

There’s also a notification bar that can be affixed to the bottom or side of your blog. It is very beneficial because it is highly visible throughout your visitor’s browsing session. It is less intrusive and does not obstruct or impact the user experience of your blog.

Q. Encourage Social Shares and Social Media Engagement

Social media is now infused into everyone’s daily activities. Facebook alone accounts for close to 3 billion monthly active users; and that’s just a single platform. Not using social media to promote your blog is a grave mistake as it is a very powerful marketing tool.

LeadForza can help you optimize your social media growth strategy. It can help you improve your social media presence, grow your followers and engagement rate.

With LeadForza social popups, you can facilitate social sharing and empower your visitors to raise awareness about your blog on social media. This user-generated strategy can power up your blog’s popularity and outreach.

Q. Promote fresh articles or featured blog posts.

Great content is key and it’s undoubtedly the pillar of a successful blog. However, visitors. Visitors don’t show up right out of the blue. This means promoting your content is important to drive awareness and skyrocket your blog’s popularity.

With the help of LeadForza popups, you can attract visitors to newly-written content and also build their engagement for a lengthier period. This will power up your blog revenue and lower your bounce rates. Ultimately, your content gets the awareness it deserves.

Turn visitors into a powerhouse of revenue stream with our popups.