The Popups you need to energize eCommerce sales

With over 30 popup categories, LeadForza offers a variety of popups to empower eCommerce stores. Our team is constantly working with eCommerce owners and industry leaders to develop powerful popups capable of turning traffic from any digital marketing channel into sales.

You can easily integrate our popups into any eCommerce website and any email marketing platform. Start now by creating your first free popups!

Built to Integrate Into Any Websites

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Cart Abandonment Recovery

With our innovative exit popup technology, you will effectively minimize cart abandonment. To empower sales, show your win-back offer at the proper time.

  • Popups are fully customizable to your preference
  • Popup options: product offers, special offers, FOMO, Discount code etc.
  • They can be placed on a specific product page or all on product pages
  • They can be triggered according to Cart abandonment-intent or dwell time
  • Templates are available for quick design
  • Show a GDPR notice on your popups to remain complaint.
ecommerce product blender
spin wheel for sales

Spin To Win Popups

With the Spin to Win Popup, you can get more leads, expand your email list and increase your return on ad spend. Engage eCommerce site visitors in a fun way by offering them the chance to spin and win a unique discount or prize.

  • Predefine the prize your user will win
  • Can be placed anywhere on your website
  • Fully customizable to your website design
  • Exit Intent Trigger, dwell time etc
  • Includes location and device tracking
  • Choose from extensive template designs
  • Manual trigger button with a teaser

Black Friday Popups

Empower your eCommerce store to sell more with a Black Friday popup design. Power your conversion rates and sales. 

  • Fully customizable to your preference
  • Can be triggered based on dwell time or user intent
  • Build quality email list and SMS list
  • Mobile-Friendly Design
  • Smart Page-Level Targeting
  • Interactive Text Replacement
  • Conversion Analytics
black friday spin wheel
women bag in offer

Time Sensitive Offer

Use time-sensitive product offer popups to power and promote limited-time deals and sell more products.

  • Can be displayed anywhere on your page
  • Use your actual products on sale
  • All device tracking
  • Fully customizable to your design preferences
  • Pre-existing design templates to choose from
  • Can be placed on any website page
  • Add a countdown timer to drive FOMO (fear of missing out)

Energize eCommerce Sales With Social Proof Popups

Leverage our social proof popups to put fire on your visitors to buy, reduce bounce rates, and cart abandonment.

Email List Builder

Time-sensitive email popup that turns visitors into subscribers. It’s never been simpler to build an email list. 

  • Completely customizable this popup for any purpose
  • Integrate with your email automation tool
  • Choose and customize our high-converting templates.
  • Display your popup to your most active visitors at the right time.
  • Tailor to Suit Your Brand
  • Increase your Return on Ad spend  
build huge list
special offer

Product Offer

A simple but effective solution to boost your eCommerce sales by displaying tailored offers to shoppers who are currently on the buying journey and enticing them to spend more on relevant products.

  • It can be placed anywhere on your website
  • Fully customizable
  • Choose from extensive design templates
  • Can be triggered based on user intent or dwell time
  • Fully compatible with ecommerce websites. 
  • No prior coding experience is necessary.
  • Advanced Targeting Capabilities & Popup Template Options
  • There is no need for any plugins or extensions.
  • Guaranteed Website Performance

Grow with LeadForza

Skyrocket your website’s growth to unprecedented levels using our fully-customizable and AI-powered notification widgets.

Social Share & Engagement

Social Share plays an enormous role on your page! It serves as a strong reminder to your visitors to share your products on their preferred social networking platforms.

  • Allows web users to share your content with one click
  • Fully customizable
  • Can be placed at the top or bottom of your website
  • Location tracking
  • Device tracking
  • Share to multiple social media platforms
  • Can be placed on specific webpages or sitewide
social popups
special offer

Special Offers

A special offer pop up is a fantastic way to enhance your conversion. It can be used to capture people’s interest, instill urgency and boost lead generation. With this popup, you can promote seasonal discounts and increase your sales.

  • Flexible positioning: it can be placed anywhere on your website – top, centre, bottom, etc.
  • Easy to customize to your website design or personal preference
  • It can be deployed in minutes
  • Device and country tracking
  • Provides analytics
  • No need for HTML or CSS code.
  • Advanced targeting.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Great for lead capturing, boosting sales and preventing cart abandonment.
  • Hundreds of pre-made template designs, which have the best conversion rates.

Improve Customer Experience

Use advanced tracking and the latest artificial intelligence to provide unmatched personalised shopping and user experience. Improve your website interface with extensive design and customization options.

Feedback Request

Build customer loyalty and gather valuable insight from your shoppers by capturing feedbacks from your shoppers and visitors. 

  • Streamlines your feedback
  • Helps you garner useful insights
  • Can be placed anywhere on your landing page, checkout page or sitewide
  • Fully customizable to preference
  • Variety of template designs to choose from
  • Device tracking system
  • Location and country tracking
  • Compatible with all devices

Easy 3 Step Setup

We have made it super easy just for you! Start your journey to high sales and conversions in three easy steps.

Scratch and Win

This is a fun and enjoyable way to drive conversions, grow your email list, and enhance site engagement.

  • Can be placed anywhere on your website
  • Fully customizable to specifications and preferences
  • It can be a useful lead magnet
  • Compatible with selected devices or all devices
  • Intelligent coupon targeting with advanced location tracking
  • Device tracking system
  • Can be triggered according to user intent or dwell time
  • Offers ‘refer & play again’. Increase the number of referrals you receive.
  • ‘Play Again’: Players can play as many times as they like for a chance to win. Return visits have been shown to increase conversions.
scratch and win popup
for live counter

Live Counter

This is the perfect eCommerce popup to display the number of visitors to your website. You can gain the trust of your visitors and provide them with the confidence to buy by showcasing the number of buyers on your eCommerce store.

  • You can display this widget on your entire website or on just a few pages.
  • Customize the widget to your preference or website design.
  • Includes location tracking to increase relevancy and deliver personalized messages.
  • Allows you view top pages including sessions all from your user-friendly dashboard.
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Includes device tracking
  • Pre-existing design templates

Establish Social Proof and Create FOMO

Build urgency in your web visitors to make impulse purchases. Show your website’s popularity and conversions to establish social proof.

Web Chat Pop Up

LeadForza’s webchat popup allows shoppers to contact your brand and enable co-browsing, which is a simple way to work through any issues they may be experiencing.

  • Easy to create and deploy within minutes
  • Fully customizable design
  • Choose from pre-existing template designs
  • Advanced device tracking
  • Intelligent location tracking system
  • Can be placed on specific pages or sitewide
  • No Need for Coding
  • GDPR Compliant & Secure
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conversion popup

Latest Conversion

This is an effective conversion widget that lets you build social proof by presenting the latest conversions like new subscribers, sales, etc. on your website.

  • Includes tracking to show the latest conversions for specific countries
  • Customizable to your website specifications and design
  • It can be placed anywhere on your website
  • Shows real-time conversions update
  • Compatible with all devices

Try LeadForza for Free

LeadForza pays for itself, but you can start free of charge for an extended period!

Conversions Counter

This shows the overall number of conversions on your website in real time. It demonstrates the popularity of your website and the number of people that visit it.

  • Includes tracking to show the latest conversions for specific countries
  • Displays real conversions
  • Customizable to website specifications
  • Can be placed anywhere on your website
  • Shows real-time conversions update
  • Works with selected devices or all devices
people bought

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