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Event Trigger Types

Exit Intent

Exit Intent displays a popup when users try to exit your website. This enhances your site’s conversion rate by up to 250%.

Scroll Percentage

Use popups to keep your users engaged while they scroll. Popups can be timed to appear exactly when the user reaches a specified point on the page.

Time On Site

With our intent-driven popups, you can easily double your conversion rate. Use our highly customizable templates or create your own design.

Page Specific

Display your popup at a specific page. Power your SaaS website to make more sales and conversion. 

Real Success Stories

Businesses that use LeadForza get a 30-300% instant increase in inbound leads & conversions.

Zebrabuzz use LeadForza popup to lower their bounce rate by 20%


Biographypile- blog

Zebrabuzz now enjoys an improved conversion rate of more than 35%. 

ZebraBuzz – Chatbot

UgoHomeWare is currently experiencing a 40% boost in conversion rate thanks to LeadForza popups.

UgoHomeWare- eCommerce

IGsumo has increased their clickthrough rates by integrating LeadForza popups.

ZebraBuzz – Chatbot

Loved By Our Users

Businesses and industry experts are using our platform to boost sales, leads, increase site engagement, reduce bounce rates and more.

How LeadForza Can Help You

Create Social Proof Pop-Ups from our 100s of customizable templates to capture users before they leave your website. Sell more, get more leads and engage your users on any website.

What You Must Know

Q. What is the Most Effective Way to Generate Leads for SaaS?

Studies have shown that over 65% of online visitors that leave without making purchases won’t bother to return to your site. An effective way to convert these visitors into paying customers is to give them a compelling incentive to utilize your service. With the LeadForza SaaS popup tool, you can set up triggers to display popups based on the activities of your visitors. This will help you collect email leads resulting in conversion later.

Q. Why Use LeadForza Popup for SaaS Platforms?

As a SaaS business owner or salesperson, you likely know the steps involved in the purchase funnel from awareness to purchase. However, it’s a fact that not every visitor will make it all the way to the purchase phase. It is very important to capture their interest or attention or else they will exit your website to explore your competitor’s. 

Thus, you need LeadForza popups to: 

Power up conversion rates by 30% to 200%

LeadForza popups make it easy to lower bounce rates and energize conversion rates for your SaaS website. Turn your visitors into loyal customers by persuading them to stay in an engaging manner. 

Empower your website to boost revenue from existing traffic

Your marketing team is already saddled with the responsibility of attracting prospective clients to your website. Energize your team by equipping them with the LeadForza popup tool. Your chances of generating sales improve once visitors see an enticing popup that highlights the benefits of your service. 

Create timely, engaging, and tailored popups.

Capture your visitors when they are about to exit your website, grab their attention and display a tailored, attractive and persuasive offer. With LeadForza’s highly customizable popup, your visitors will be willing to take action on your SaaS website. 

Offer a free ebook, webinar, free trial, or demo.

For visitors who are unsure or have yet to decide on your services, provide them with a “FREE” product. Evidently, it’s a super-effective trigger word that is hard to resist. With LeadForza popups, you can promote your free trial or product demo and outsmart your competition.

Collect more email addresses

It’s becoming increasingly challenging to capture email addresses, but with incentives like free e-books, exclusive access to newsletters and discount offers, you can easily collect email addresses for conversion.

Q. What are the ways to use LeadForza popups for my SaaS Website?

There are many ways you can use LeadForza popups to energize sales and conversion rates for your SaaS popup. You have to pay attention to the CTA as it should be compelling. Your SaaS marketing strategy should involve gathering email leads and growing the list to enhance lead conversion.

Here are ways you can use LeadForza popup:

Offer a free trial

Provide a free trial of your software or web tool to new visitors for weeks in which they can experience the product. This will help empower users to purchase a software subscription. Add trigger phrases like “100% free signup”. or “No credit card needed”.

With a free trial, visitors can explore all of your basic and premium features. Using terms like “All-feature free trial” can further encourage users to test your product.

Schedule a Demo

Use LeadForza popup to offer a free demo to your web visitors so they can test the effectiveness of your software. Ensure you craft a compelling text and use a captivating CTA to encourage visitors to act immediately

Discount offer

Use LeadForza popups to display discount offers on specific pages like checkout or pricing page or for loyal customers. Use an appealing tone with your discount coupon to encourage subscription.

You can also instil a sense of urgency by adding a countdown timer. A live countdown timer will persuade your visitors to make a purchase right away.

You can also offer a discount code in return for an email. This is the most effective way to capture the email address of your visitors.


An excellent way to promote your products through engagement is by hosting webinars. This often provides value for visitors. Use the LeadForza popup tool to create a webinar popup. Ensure you use a simple CTA. Visitors can sign up to reserve a free spot for your webinar. You can later use their email address for lead nurturing later.

Offer Free eBooks

This is one of the fastest ways to build your email list. The objective is to give the visitor free stuff that is relevant to them based on what they do on your website.
Use LeadForza popups to offer free eBooks, manuals, digital content, etc. to your visitors.

Offer Giveaway

Gamification is a way to improve your site engagement. Take it a notch further by providing your visitors with a chance to win some premium features and other freebies. Use LeadForza’s spin-to-win popup to collect their email addresses while letting them participate in the game.

Sign up for newsletters

Newsletter signups are among the best tactics to collect email leads. Provide your visitors with something valuable, such as free manuals, eBooks, vouchers, entries into contests, etc., and they’ll sign up for the newsletter.

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