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Goals: exit intent, time on site, and scroll percentage spin to win wheel for cart abandonment recovery, special offers


You desire more readers no matter what type of blog you have - a private one, an organization blog, or an official blog. Any writer has the same goal: getting more readers, developing a community, and gaining more blog followers.

This is not an easy task but with Leadfrozai pop-up, it just becomes easier. Using Leadfroza BLOG POP UP you get to increase your website traffic.


You get to have a quality list of leads. The pop-up is so commonly used because it works but not just any pop-up. With Leadfroza pop up you get to reach the mind of your readers and invite them to subscribe for your newsletter.

You can create an incentive to invite your readers to your subscribe newsletter. Everybody wants gifts and you get your worthy leads.

You can choose when to display your pop-up to your readers after spending some time on your website. This can be 3 seconds, 5 seconds, etc.

You can use BLOG POP UP to give out gifts to incoming readers.

You get to connect the specific page to your pop up

It helps to show the latest news to your readers that they might be interested in but do not know of.

You get to promote your new article through pop up to your readers or new readers.

You can use BLOG POP-UP to get feedback from your readers by showing them a pop-up form to get their feedback or suggestion on how to serve them better.


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