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Goals: exit intent, time on site, and scroll percentage spin to win wheel for cart abandonment recovery, special offers

Spin The Wheel For Prizes

The Spin The Wheel For Prizes pop-up is one of the tools that has become very popular. The interaction with the user is made more exciting by this interactive feature, which also has several advantages for businesses.

With Leadfroza, you can use the Spin The Wheel For Prizes pop-up to increase your conversion prospects and encourage customer engagement.


Visitors Engagement: You can motivate users to engage and interact with your website by including interactive elements like the Spin The Wheel feature.

Users are drawn in and remain interested in your material for extended lengths of time when there is an element of surprise and the chance to win wonderful prizes.

This increased involvement leads to a closer relationship with your brand and a higher chance of conversions.

Users are more likely to readily give you their contact information when you offer them the chance to win important rewards, which helps you grow your subscriber base.

Through the usage of opt-in forms, the pop-up function acts as a useful lead-generating tool by gathering user data such as email addresses.

A captivating call-to-action, the Spin The Wheel For Prizes pop-up encourages visitors to execute desired activities and become clients.


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