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Goals: exit intent, time on site, and scroll percentage spin to win wheel for cart abandonment recovery, special offers

Spin To Win Pop Up


Leadfrza Spin To Win Pop Up has helped many companies and e-commerce businesses to grow, and increase their sales and website traffic. Providing them with an optimized, clear,  and structured design that can easily attract the attention of the visitors.

Spin-to-win pop-ups' interactive features have been shown to boost conversion rates and boost purchases. You can compel customers to buy anything right away by cleverly structuring the rewards, such as discounts, free shipping, or gift cards. Additionally, the urgency engendered by time-limited prizes can encourage conversions even more, boosting the return on your marketing investments.



With Leadfroza Spin To Win, you get a unique design for your visitors, which will always make them want more. You do not need to use dormant pop-ups that are not user-friendly and annoy visitors.

Using a Spin-to-win pop helps you to generate more traffic and increase time spent on your website. They will want to see, the result of the spin and may be distracted by another area in your website. This will help you to reduce the probability of bounce rate. Given you quality visitors or customers.

Spin-to-win helps you with your brand awareness. With a user-friendly design, your visitors help you publicize your brand due to the great time they had on your website.

Spin-to-win is another way of promoting gamification on your website. Is another way to increase traffic while visitors enjoy themselves, playing spin, and waiting for the result of their spin. Adding excitement to your website, is another strategy to promote traffic, by giving them rewards and making them feel special.

You get quality leads from your visitors by providing them excitement in exchange for their contact information, such as email, phone number, address, etc. Through their contact provided, you get to promote your product or increase your brand awareness.



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