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Exit-intent Countdown Widget for Websites

Anticipation spreads like wildfire! If you’re thrilled (or anxious) about a forthcoming event, you’re probably not alone.

Set up a countdown clock with LeadForza’s simple yet powerful countdown widget, which displays the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the event schedule.

You can make your countdown public so that everyone can see it and get excited about it.

Countdown timers have been used to build excitement and publicity surrounding an event.

Using an online countdown timer to create urgency and encourage action has resulted in significant increases in conversion rates for event planners and digital marketers.

Why get LeadForza’s countdown widget for websites?

If you own an e-commerce business, who is your toughest enemy as a marketer? Customer procrastination is a problem for many. They are interested in what you have to offer, but they can possibly purchase it later. Perhaps they’ll hold off until they have more knowledge, money, or time. There are countless reasons to put things off.

Urgency is often used by dominant and profitable web companies to motivate action and enhance conversions.

You can’t go to a popular online business or a ticketing/booking website without being bombarded with scarcity or urgency-based promotional tools.

These businesses are relentlessly analytical, and their strategies are based on data, trial and error. They employ these strategies because they have been demonstrated to be successful.

Countdown timers are an important part of any urgency-marketing toolkit.

Our countdown timers are easily customizable and can serve your unique business needs. They also have exit-intent technology that helps you convert site visitors to paying customers and subscribers. You won’t have any problem increasing engagement and collecting feedback because they are highly effective.

Create your first countdown timer. 

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