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Goals: exit intent, time on site, and scroll percentage spin to win wheel for cart abandonment recovery, special offers

Pop Up Timer

With Leadfroza Pop Up Timer, you will be able to reduce cart abandonment on your website, Building curosity in the mind of your visitors. This tells them, there is a limited time for the offer, they dont want to miss.

This unassuming yet powerful feature has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses interact with their customers



Improved Conversion Ratios: Businesses have noticed a large increase in conversion rates by carefully deploying an ecommerce pop up timer. Users' attention, interest, and sense of urgency can be peaked by the timely and focused presentation of pertinent information or offers, which can then influence them to make a purchase.

Improved Visitor Experience: When used carefully, an e-commerce pop-up timeout can really improve the experience for all users. Businesses can increase engagement and make their customers feel valued and catered to by offering personalized recommendations, special offers, or pertinent information.

Time-sensitive Offers: The ability to evoke a sense of urgency is one of the most important benefits of an e-commerce pop-up timer. Businesses can take advantage of the psychological concept of scarcity by using countdowns or limited-time offers to encourage customers to act right away and make a purchase.


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