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Notification Bar 

Leadforza Notification Bar is a must-have for every e-commerce business. Every day, there are so many pops up that will get to see when we visit websites and sometimes they can be annoying when it's not correlated with what the visitor wants to see. With Leadfroza Notification Pop-Up, you get to provide your visitor with want they want to see with clear objectives. The way businesses interact with their customers has been changed by this subtle yet attention-grabbing feature.



Register on our website and you have access to all the amazing features such as

Creating a call to Action button, which you can design to fit in with your website color.

Positioning: You get to show your pop-up Notification in any place on your website, which includes: TOP LEFT, TOP RIGHT, BOTTOM RIGHT. BOTTOM LEFT OR IN THE MIDDLE.

Delay: You can set your pop-up to show up anytime you want. It could come up immediately after your website is loaded, after a few seconds, or before they leave your website.

Trigger: You can show where you want the pop to show either on a desktop or mobile phone. You can choose to activate it on a specific browser and deactivate it on others.

Referrer: You can as well link it up with your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.

Background: You get to design the background to your taste

Animation: Your design can as well be animated and you can upload an animation of your liking to add to the pop-up.



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