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Goals: exit intent, time on site, and scroll percentage spin to win wheel for cart abandonment recovery, special offers

Fully Customizable Spin to Win Wheel

Spin to Win Wheel popups are interactive opt-in forms that your site visitors can engage with. They simply need to complete the form field, spin the wheel, and win a prize.

For some visitors, a simple discount code in exchange for an email address isn’t enough to gain their attention. Subscribers are more likely to forget about it and never use it again. It’s for this reason that you should incorporate gamification into your digital marketing strategy. The use of game features for non-gaming activities is known as gamification.

Traditional pop-up designs have a conversion rate of 3.5 per cent, but Spin to Win Wheel popup ads have a consumer engagement rate of 5 to 20%.

The secret to wheel popups’ effectiveness is that they make users happy while also increasing visitor engagement. As a result, wheel popups are a fantastic way of making your popup campaign stand out from the rest!

Benefits of Spin to Win Wheel

This “lucky wheel” pop-up, as many call it, can provide your visitors with a completely unique and entertaining experience. This tool will boost your customer engagement.

Visitors can earn discount vouchers, free delivery, promotional codes, and more by spinning the wheel.

With spin to win wheel, you don’t only request their email address upfront; you also urge them to play the game in a unique game setting, making the purchasing experience more enjoyable.

Here are some more compelling reasons to use gamified pop-ups for your business, like the wheel of fortune pop-up:

It appeals to a wider spectrum of people.

Quickly attracts the visitor’s attention.

Stimulates visitors’ hunger to win and arouses their interest

Simple to design and integrate into your website

Avoid the traditional popups that your visitors are accustomed to seeing.

Allows you to personalize your brand’s products and rewards.

Boost the number of visitors that convert to leads and email subscribers in a smooth manner.

Increases sales and lowers cart abandonment rates

LeadForza is a tool for making interactive spin-to-win wheel pop-ups.

You may be curious as to how websites build their attractive spin to win wheels in order to convert at a high rate. That’s something you can do, too!

With LeadForza’s no-code drag-and-drop user interface, you won’t have to deal with the trouble of coding.

Our spin wheels are easily customizable and can serve your unique business needs. They also have exit-intent technology that helps you convert site visitors to paying customers and subscribers. You won’t have any problem increasing engagement and collecting feedback because they are highly effective.

Create your first spin to win wheel. 

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