FOMO is a marketing concept that stands for “fear of missing out”.

This is a well-known marketing technique that can be used to promote your brand.

FOMO marketing leverages people’s mental urge to feel involved and participate in something larger than themselves.

The major goal of this strategy is to make prospective customers fear that they will miss out on an offer if they do not act quickly.

FOMO Email Marketing is a reliable strategy for growing brand visibility, sales, and customer retention.

In this article, we’ll look at some great FOMO marketing email examples and learn how to use emails to increase conversions.

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It’s not enough to have an engaging website. You must constantly notify customers that you are available in this crowded online space. 

You can achieve this by incorporating limited-time offers (LTOs) into your marketing initiatives.

LTOs are a great way to generate awareness about your products and services, whether you’re having a discount or offering giveaways.

Here are some examples of limited-time offers:

  • Limited Free Shipping
  • Limited Discount
  • Flash Sales
  • Limited Stock

Limited Free Shipping

The easiest strategy to save money on online purchases is to take advantage of limited free shipping offers.

In 2022, people will mostly shop online due to the availability of free shipping. As a result, FOMO promotional initiatives that provide free delivery can be very effective.

Limited Discount

Offer a limited-time discount to encourage your email subscribers to take advantage of your offer.

In your email, you can also include a countdown timer to highlight how much time is remaining for the offer.

A countdown timer is a tool that reminds users how much time they have to claim an offer.

Flash Sales


Flash sales are an excellent strategy to capture your audience’s attention and create excitement about whatever you’re marketing.

If properly done, it can be a highly effective marketing technique for achieving a variety of business goals, including increasing website traffic, improving conversion rates, and even expanding your email list.

Creating a sense of urgency is the most effective and compelling way to increase your sales. But in order to avoid scaring away your shoppers, you can’t just convey a sense of urgency anyhow. It has to be done in a smart and tactful way.

You must make them feel as if they are losing out on something extremely valuable if they do not purchase it right away.

Limited Stock

Limited Stock FOMO marketing emails are an excellent tool for promoting your service or product and boosting sales.

It’s a simple idea: inform your customers that if they need to grab something special, they must act quickly.

Back In Stock Notice

Back in Stock emails are a wonderful strategy to make sure that customers who are expecting a product’s return are contacted as soon as it becomes available.

Back to stock emails create a feeling that the product is highly desirable or trendy and may sell out again soon, despite the fact that it has previously sold out.

As you can see in the sample below, there is a limited supply of these things, which encourages people to buy even more.

Testimonials/Reviews from Users

testimonial reviews

Testimonials are among the most effective marketing strategies you can use.

They can be an excellent technique you can use to improve sales or a way to give your brand some trustworthiness and authenticity.

They highlight your product’s reliability and offer social proof that what you’re selling is in excellent condition.

FOMO is the sensation of not desiring to lose out on something fantastic that others have.

FOMO causes people to make considerable efforts to not miss out on opportunities

Top-Rated/Best-Selling Products

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It’s common practice for successful companies to include their most popular products in their emails.

Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they can see which of your products are the best sellers or highest rated on your website.

If people don’t buy them, they’ll think they’re missing out on the latest quality products.

Display Missed Chances

Is there anything worse than missing a golden chance?

It can make you angry, irritated, or depressed.

That’s the reason it’s known as the “lost opportunity”!

If you convince your customers that they missed out on a fantastic offer, they will feel the same way.

They will be more cautious the next time the products or discounts are offered after receiving that email.

They will make a quick purchase decision.

One Time Only Offers


Offering a one-of-a-kind offer is among the most efficient strategies to drive sales by generating FOMO.

This one-of-a-kind offer can be as basic as an online discount code or as grandiose as a dazzling concert featuring celebrity cameos.

Over the years, this technique has proven to be successful for a range of businesses in a variety of industries.

Seasonal Sales

Seasonal sales can assist you in converting a prospective customer into a loyal one if you incorporate them into your email marketing strategy.

With seasonal offerings, you can make a product look more unique.

As a result, consumers feel valued when they receive a special offer.

Remind Abandoned Cart

Among the most effective email marketing techniques is to send an abandoned cart email notification.

Customers who left things in their shopping carts but didn’t complete the checkout process will receive this email as an automated reminder.

It’s a wonderful strategy to encourage customers who have abandoned their cart to return and finish their purchase.

Integrating abandoned cart reminders into your FOMO marketing email campaigns will undoubtedly increase sales.

Inform them that an item they placed in their basket is soon to run out of supply, or offer them a coupon code for a short time on their order.

Free gifts for First-Time Buyers

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Offering away a free gift is a great strategy to draw new customers to your eCommerce store.

However, you may make this technique more compelling by limiting the offer.

You can give a discount to the first 100 customers.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to apply these FOMO marketing techniques to boost conversions on your website.

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