The use of popups on Shopify has increased over the last five years because it is highly beneficial for retailers and stores on the platform. It is effective for growing email lists, lowering cart abandonment rates, offering promotional codes and freebies to customers, among other things. In the world of eCommerce, popups are widely regarded as an essential part of every successful marketing strategy.

However, a few users may find popups bothersome and try to toggle them off whenever they encounter them. The truth remains that customers don’t dislike popups. They simply dislike bad or poorly-designed popups. It implies that popups can even improve your customer experience, but they should be used in a clever and strategic manner.

This article will explore the effective ways of deploying popups to your Shopify store and other important tips for using them.

Why does every Shopify store need popups?

Popups offer plenty of benefits for your Shopify store.

For starters, they are great at capturing the attention of your customers. According to studies, web visitors have an average attention span of roughly 7 seconds. This means that your visitors will abandon your page if you don’t grab their attention within 7 seconds.

But with the use of popups, you can draw their attention in that small space of time.

Other great reasons why your Shopify store needs popups include:

Pop-ups can also be used for the following reasons:

  • It enables you to boost your sales promotions quickly and effectively.
  • It affords you the chance to quickly gather your visitor’s emails before they quit.
  • It allows you to boost your store’s average order value (AOV) by recommending products that are relevant to visitors.
  • An effective marketing solution for Shopify merchants aiming to enhance their conversion rates.

Capture information from customers.

When a shopper arrives at your store for the first time, they are unlikely to make a purchase right away, so you must collect their email address. In this situation, you can integrate a variety of promotional offers and popups in your Shopify store to encourage visitors to capture visitors’ email addresses and encourage them to sign up for your newsletter. This makes it easier to get in touch with them later.

Lower shopping cart abandonment.

Furthermore, popups are used to lower cart abandonment rates. Some exit-intent popups utilize the “pattern interruption” mechanism, which is especially beneficial in this situation. With this approach, customers can be encouraged to give your store a second chance and eventually make a purchase by interfering with their planned action of leaving your website.

Boost the average order value.

Additionally, one of the most effective ways to use popups is to increase the amount of money users spend in a single transaction. Popups can help you boost your AOV by encouraging customers to spend a minimal amount by promoting incentives such as free delivery, a free gift, or a discount to users who meet or exceed your minimum purchase quantity.

Cross-selling and upselling are two other excellent methods for encouraging your consumers to spend a lot more money. Using pop-ups, you can enhance the average order value of your customers by displaying the products that add value to a given customer.

Get to know your customers better.

Furthermore, the popup might assist you in learning more about your visitors and their previous interactions with your company. This is because you can use it to gather feedback throughout the checkout process, show an exit-intent popup to consumers who are about to leave your site, and many other things.

Increase conversion rate

Popups are widely known to boost conversion rates in eCommerce stores. You can get your popups to convert effectively simply by providing special value, identifying the perfect time, and delivering vital information.

Call for attention

Websites frequently use popups to generate leads by delivering promotional content to the center of the visitor’s attention. This is why, if you’re marketing a new report, e-book, or other types of inbound-friendly premium feature, a popup can be a good approach to get people’s attention, enhance conversions, and generate leads.

Concentrate on the CTA.

Because a popup can only concentrate on one message at a time, and there are so many unique messages on your site, popups are an excellent choice for giving you the flexibility to focus on one call to action while also assisting your visitors in finding the call to action button.

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Types of Shopify popup for your store

Here are 3 most popular types of Shopify popup:

Shopify popup window

shopify pop up window

A popup window makes it simple to add a strong and elegant-looking pop-up to your Shopify store. It can also be used to help you create your newsletter and email lists, as well as to inform visitors about special discounts and offers. The Pop-Up Window is a must-have for any store owner looking for a low-cost, simple-to-use solution to boost marketing and revenues.

How Does It Work?

The LeadForza Shopify PopUp Window is really simple to set up and operate. Simply upload a photo with any text you want to appear in the pop-up, modify a few more options, such as adding an email registration form, and you’re done. Do you need inspiration for your popup layout but don’t have one? No problem! You can use any of our fantastic templates.

Shopify popup forms

Popups form

Popup forms are fantastic for generating leads, building email lists, increasing blog memberships, and marketing content. Unsurprisingly, Shopify store owners use them to meet their marketing and sales objectives.

With this Shopify popup, you can grab your visitors’ awareness, improve signups, drive engagement, and showcase special discounts as soon as they visit your store.

Shopify newsletter popup

Shopify newsletter

The most crucial component of email marketing is capturing emails from your Shopify store visitors. Without developing a line of code, LeadForza allows you to easily set up attractive newsletter popup forms for your Shopify store. Shoppers can find your Shopify store, browse through your products, and sign up for your newsletter by email.

When someone completes this form, it opens up two possibilities for you. First, you gain a new newsletter subscriber, whom you can immediately contact with email marketing tools. Second, you offer a coupon code, increasing your chances of making sales.

LeadForza makes it simple to create a newsletter popup and customize it to meet your objectives. There’s no need to mess with your store’s code or theme.


  • Customizable, mobile-optimized forms include notifications, banners, bars, and flash sales for email capture.
  • Showcase campaigns based on exit-intent, scroll percentage, and the like.
  • Run giveaways and sales and provide discount coupon codes to your customers.
  • You can also integrate your email subscribers seamlessly with Woocommerce, Click funnels, Zapiers, Kajabi, or other online marketing services.
  • Get analytics to see which email popups are converting the most.


Popups are essential for every Shopify shop desiring to increase its subscription base and revenue.

Thanks to LeadForza, they’re simple to set up and integrate into any Shopify store.

Do you know what the most enjoyable part is? You may use LeadForza for free to get started and then upgrade as your business grows.

Are you ready to give LeadForza a try?

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