Adding social proof popups to your eCommerce website is a great way to convince customers to purchase your products. These notifications can also build urgency and help provide web visitors with the needed information to make informed buying decisions.

Understandably, it may be difficult to compete with the bigwigs in your industry, but sales notifications and social proof popups can be critical in ensuring customers stick around longer.

In the past, big businesses invest a lot in developing notifications because they understand how effective they are. Nowadays, even small businesses can take advantage of this marketing strategy.

With a token, you can create and design your own social proof popup on platforms like Leadforza, and have them integrated into any eCommerce website in a flash.

This will help you increase sales and conversions remarkably. However, as important as sales notifications are, it is equally critical that you use them strategically to yield the best results.

Here, we will look at some ways you can use sales popups on your eCommerce website, especially to increase sales and make profits like never before.

1. Eliminate Abandoned Carts with Checkout Notifications

More than 65% of online businesses have a cart abandonment rate that exceeds 50%. This means you may be losing almost half of your sales. Thankfully, you can reduce this substantially with sales popups on your eCommerce website.

Checkout notifications will constantly update prospects viewing a product of anyone who just completed the purchase of that same product.

This can help eliminate any doubt the visitor was having, create social proof and build FOMO (the fear of missing out), ensuring they buy the product.

  1. Provide a Live Conversions Counter

Providing real-time updates on the number of conversions/sales your business is having is a great way to gain the trust and confidence of potential customers. You can do this easily on Leadforza with a ‘Live Counter’ notification widget.

A huge number of conversions will come off as social proof to prospects and give them the needed confidence in buying from you.

Live conversions for specific products can also have the same effect, but this time, with a mix of FOMO as it builds more urgency in prospects to buy quickly.

  1. Display Random Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Another way to increase sales is by displaying the positive reviews of previous customers on a product and what they had to say.

When prospects see that other customers enjoy a product or service, it can go a long way in convincing them to buy. A random review could appear anytime, especially when the prospect spends a lot of time viewing a particular product page.

  1. Give Regular Updates on Product Quantity

You can also leverage sales popups in increasing sales on your eCommerce website by providing constant updates on the number of items left in stock.

This is another way to build urgency and push prospects into making impulse purchases. Although humans have a risk-avoidance nature, we will naturally buy impulsively than regret it later.

  1. Set a Countdown Timer

A countdown timer gives customers the impression that the current price or offer is only available for a limited time.

This can be useful when you are running a special discount sale or promo. Setting a countdown timer that you will stick to makes customers buy.

  1. Integrate Upsell Notifications

You can also use a sales popup to create upsell notifications on your eCommerce website, increasing sales and conversions.

The upsell sales popup can suggest items that are frequently bought together with the one a user is currently viewing or other products that the customer may likely be interested in.

This sale notification will include a preview of the product and ensure customers can add it to their carts with just a click.

Overall, upsell notifications increase each customer’s average order value or at least make them spend more time viewing other products, which boosts your chances of converting them.

Sales popups are no longer a fleeting trend and are now powerful marketing tactics in yielding massive sales for businesses. You can also leverage them to gain remarkable sales increase with easy-to-use platforms like Leadforza.