To improve web traffic, eCommerce brands are advised to optimize their site for search engines. But how does a site boost its conversion rates?

For every visitor that accesses your site, the prospect of sales increases. However, when a large number of visitors quit your site without journeying through the purchase sales, you have to think deeply of how to convert them quickly.

The best strategy for conversion optimization is the use of exit-intent popups.

Exit-intent popups are highly important marketing tools. They help detect the exact time when a visitor plans to leave your site, and this is why the word “exit-intent” is used to describe their technology.

While the popups have met widespread use for conversion rate optimization, their targeting technology has gotten more sophisticated. Most popups come with engagement tracking technology that displays tailored popup offers to visitors based on their site behaviour.

Let’s highlight how exit-intent technology can improve your conversion optimisation campaign.

Exit Intent Technology

An exceptional feature of exit-intent technology is its ability to analyze site visitors’ mouse gestures and identify when they are prepared to quit the site without buying a product or completing any form.

This makes it appealing to marketers around the world to tackle cart abandonment and lower bounce rates. It is also effective for boosting sales, generating leads and optimizing conversion.

This technology is used by marketers all over the world to reduce cart abandonment and bounce rates while also increasing sales, leads, and conversions.

Here are some other features common to all exit-intent popup tools:

  • Mouse movements/gestures
  • Inactivity or idle time on a webpage
  • Cursor slides in the direction of the close or back icon.
  • Past site behaviour and purchase data.

Exit-intent technology tracks these actions and instantly showcases a popup message with an enticing offer at the most opportune of times. These offers can take the form of promotional coupons, discount codes, product recommendations or other perks and rewards to encourage visitors to stay engaged with your site.


Benefits of Exit Popups

One of the best ways to increase your site conversion is to display your best offers at the exit point to visitors.

Visitors don’t hide their intention when they want to quit your site. Their plan is to exit your site without taking action.

An exit popup is your last shot or opportunity to win back your site visitors with an exciting and appealing offer.

Here are some benefits of the exit popup:

  • Capture visitors who intend to quit your site.
  • It’s not as frustrating, bothersome or invasive as other popups, as visitors are already planning to quit the site.
  • Boost sales, lead generation and conversion.
  • Caters to your email list growth.
  • Lowers cart abandonment rates.

Best Practices for Using Popups Successfully

Here are some of the most effective ideas for using exit intent ideas to optimize your conversions.

Add an enticing incentive

If your offer isn’t worthwhile or exciting enough for your visitors, they won’t pay attention to it.

Ensure you include incentives that quickly capture their attention. You can also tailor your incentives to different segments of visitors.

For instance, you can offer first-time visitors a price slash. You can also set up reward programs for existing customers. Ensure your offer stands out with an engaging or powerful call to action (CTA).

coupon code for website

Customize Your Popups

According to studies, over 60% of eCommerce customers prefer tailored or customized messaging. This shows how much tailored experience is becoming popular with customers as it creates an emotional bond with them.

Ensure you utilize your CRM analytics to showcase tailored popups to your customers. Provide them with a unique shopping experience by including their names in the popup.

Collect email

Add a sense of urgency

A Sense of Urgency or Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is a powerful strategy that can improve your site conversion when added to an exit popup.

For instance, you can create a time-limited discount coupon to inform your visitors about your product supply. This will instill the fear of missing out.

This is a highly effective marketing idea that can be implemented with any popup template. You can use a countdown timer or a popup notification that states ” 5 items left in stock” or “limited stock available!” to create a feeling of scarcity.

countdown for website

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It’s Time to Convert Your Website Visitors!

Choosing the correct popup strategy is critical for business growth. 

Popups with Exit-Intent technology can be used to achieve your marketing goals.

You can use LeadForza, an intelligent lead generation popup solution, to create highly appealing popups that can optimize your conversion efforts.

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