Everyone loves coupon popups! They always hope for the best outcome and cross their fingers. This happens when the wheel is spinning. Spin-the-wheel popups are widely popular. This is because, regardless of age, coupon popup wheels excite lots of online shoppers. The need for online stores to incorporate gamification into their sales strategy has become even more important. It is seen as a common way of attracting customers to websites. Because of the growing appeal of spin-the-wheel popups, they have become valuable elements of online stores. When creatively used, they can power up sales, conversion rates and engagement of any website.
spin to win popup

What is gamification, and why is it best for your eCommerce store?

Gamification is the use of game-design elements in your online store to delight and engage customers. An example of gamification is the spin the wheel popup. Shopping shouldn’t always revolve around buying! Adding entertainment and fun-filled activities is key to improving your site’s interaction, customer participation and engagement. Incorporating gamification popups into your website promotional strategy will boost the competitiveness of your sales curve. It is an effective way of growing an emotional connection with your shoppers. Adding gamification to your site will add value to their shopping experience while growing your purchase rate too. Many eCommerce stores across the world have adopted the use of interactive game popups. This has always resulted in tremendous customer participation and conversion. More importantly, it has ramped up customer satisfaction while creating a seamless call to action.

Why spin the wheel popup can boost conversion rate in your online store

Do you have an unappealing popup on your website? Do they produce results? Spin-the-wheel popups are less likely to be overlooked or ignored by customers. The reason is that they continuously boost the chances of winning by spinning. With this knowledge, you can design quality popups for your eCommerce websites, online stores and blogs. By using a spin-the-wheel popup, you can turn your site visitors into paying customers. Using LeadForza, you can tailor your popup to include a lead magnet so shoppers can win nice gifts such as free eBooks, codes or free shipping. Wait, hold on! Now, do you know the reason for the growing popularity of spin-the-wheel popup? If not, let’s explore the reasons why eCommerce owners are turning to spin the wheel popup to boost their site’s conversion rate.

Boost customer retention

Shoppers crave quality experiences whenever they purchase products online. Spin-the-wheel popups can delight your visitors, serving as a retention tool and assisting in customer acquisition. Spin-the-wheel popups can be a source of motivation for shoppers on your website. Along the lines, this can provide the needed encouragement to make purchases while creating a fun way of engagement. Ultimately, this is an effective way of creating promotional awareness. Don’t forget to add valuable prizes and perks. It is a great way to boost your site engagement, build trust, connect with customers emotionally and improve the way your customers interact with your website. This is why many marketing experts recommend that you add gamification elements such as spin-the-wheel popups at every stage of your sales cycle. This is because they create delightful experiences and increase loyalty. It also encourages repeat purchases.

They are so enjoyable.

Giving customers an enjoyable experience is an effective way to grow your eCommerce store. There is no question. Spin the wheel popups have been creating positive results for online stores, marketing specialists and bloggers. Entertaining spin-the-wheel popups assist eCommerce merchants in winning over their customers. The psychology that drives this popup never fails to keep customers delighted and engaged for a long time. Bain and Company forecasts that a 5% boost in customer retention will result in a 25% to 95% rise in revenues.

Wheelies are efficient.

Everyone enjoys spinning the wheel in amusement parks or carnivals. Having a spin-the-wheel popup on your website is a great way to create entertainment for your customers. When you give customers a chance to win, it is super beneficial for them. You can utilize LeadForza’s discount spin wheel popup to monitor conversion data and access real-time analytics about your campaign performance. Using the spin the wheel will elicit positive responses from your site visitors. It can convert them to paying customers. When you create enjoyable experiences for your customers, you will outshine your competitors. The road to creating a delightful customer experience should begin today. Check out LeadForza’s free spin-the-wheel popup template here.

It can be tailored to your brand image and message.

A discount wheel popup can be a significant tool for bolstering your brand image and message. The more aesthetically appealing it is, the more likely it will grab your customer’s attention. Personalization is a great way to boost your site conversion. It can build trust and enhance customer loyalty. This can add value to your marketing strategy and reach your audience without hassle. With spin wheel popup, you can tailor your brand to improve your campaign performance. This will boost the authenticity of your brand and deepen your connection with your customers.

Capture abandoning customers

Discount wheel popups are effective for capturing customers who have not completed their purchase or “abandon their cart”. It can lower your cart abandonment. For your promotional campaign, you can set up an exit-intent popup on your website as it grabs shoppers’ attention before they abandon your page. Additionally, you can add a spin the wheel popup to engage them further before they quit your page. With this popup, it may result in a change of mind and encourage them to complete their purchase. This can win you more sales in the long run.

Benefits of a spin-the-wheel popup for an eCommerce store.

Improve customer trust in your website

Giving away online incentives and perks to your customers can enhance their experience over time. It makes them feel special and valued. This will go a long way in increasing their trust in your site.

It gives your customers more value.

The eCommerce industry is characterized by competition. Spin the wheel popup has the capacity to impact your brand recognition, positively impacting your sales curve.

Competitive edge

Using popups can help your business shine, providing superior customer service. When shoppers on your site access your spin-the-wheel popup. They are encouraged to try because they can get entertained and win special perks simultaneously.


Everyone likes winning. A good way to create an unforgettable experience for shoppers in your online store is by adding a spin-the-wheel popup. Lead generation shouldn’t be a stressful and tiresome process. The spin-the-wheel popup can help your store have a distinctive appearance. It is a unique popup that doesn’t look similar or identical to many others. It can grab the attention of customers, keeping them entertained and engaged. Using an effective spin wheel popup tool like LeadForza, you can open up pathways to improved sales and engagement on your site.