One of the biggest challenges bloggers face in the area of monetization is the attention span of readers, which usually affects their site’s bounce rates, dwell time, engagement, and overall impression. According to a study done by Microsoft Corporation, people now lose concentration after roughly 8 seconds. This figure has steadily decreased over time and is presently at an all-time low.

The goal of every blogger is for readers to consume their content and spend more time on their site. This is because the hallmark of an engaging blog is when articles on your web pages are deemed “relevant” or problem-solving to your visitors. If this happens, they will connect with your blog, promote your posts, and buy the items you are marketing through your content. This will surely translate to better dwell time rates and impressions. Since impressions (revenue per thousand impressions, or RPM) are among the metrics Google uses for revenue sharing, so increasing your blog impression is a great way to boost your blog’s earning potential.

However, low dwell time, engagement, impression and bounce rates seem to be obstacles to effective monetization for many bloggers. Studies even show that only about 7% of blogs receive between 50,000 and 500,000 monthly views, implying that the fraction of bloggers earning six figures is extremely low. A more appalling survey carried out by Problogger revealed that 50% of bloggers made less than $100 each month from their blogs.

It’s discouraging and heartbreaking when you invest time and effort into your posts to ensure they are relevant, informative, and of high quality. But you don’t make money from your blog readership or receive any form of compensation commensurate with the hard work you put in.

So the question on every blogger’s mind is, “What’s the most effective but cost-effective way to maximize the earning potential of my blog?” and “How do I boost my blog’s engagement, dwell time, and impressions?”

In today’s article, we will reveal easy-to-implement strategies that will benefit you in 5 key ways:

  • Turn around your blog’s revenue for the better.
  • Improve your relationship with your audience.
  • Encourage your readers to read more articles
  • Improve the virality of your content.
  • Build a huge email list ready to ready your new posts
  • Increase engagement, impression, and dwell rates by 30% or more.

Use LeadForza Popups to promote your featured blog posts or new content with

Creating quality content is amazing, and it’s ultimately the cornerstone of a successful blog. But the truth is that without an audience to “consume” your posts or articles, every effort comes to nought. This is why you must have a powerful way to make sure that every reader who lands on your blog post reads more than one article each time they visit. This is the secret of highly successful bloggers who generate tens of thousands of dollars each month.

To be frank, this is not about writing new content every day. After all, what is the need to write more content if they are not read or make money for you?  The secret is to use the tool other bloggers are using to boost their blog revenue. These tools are developed to enhance audience time on site, page view per visit, and engagement each time they land on your blog page. This impact positively your overall impression, leading to higher revenue and returns. And also, your content gets more shares and backlinks.

The tool successful bloggers do not want you to know about is popups like Leadforza Popups. Leadforza popups are known as Blog Energizers because they are able to boost those metrics that make bloggers make more money from their blogs.

These popups can be designed according to your test or brand. You can easily add the featured images of the article your want your reader to read next. Then, you can add a catchy or FOMO headline, a short description to arouse curiosity, and a catchy CTA button ( Call To Action).

Now you can trigger your popup on any page and at any point in time while your reader is consuming your content.

For those readers who do not want to be interrupted or distracted by a content recommendation popup while still reading an article, you can do something else.  You can pop up your popup when your reader has scrolled down about 70–85% of the blog post. Another option is to trigger your popup when the user is about to leave by using Leadforza exit-intent feature.

Leadforza popups are developed to display on any part of your blog page: middle, middle right, middle left, bottom, bottom right, bottom left, bottom center, top, top right, top left top center, etc.

Leadforza Exit-intent feature is a great one because it can serve as a final pitch to your readers as they try to quit your blog. As soon as readers show an intent to quit your blog, an overlay is displayed with exciting, compelling articles they should check out. This strategy and other trigger features can improve your blog’s dwell time by more than 40%

You can ask awesome questions like, “Have you checked this?” Also, add a link to an exciting article you want your readers to go to next.

To get your pique your visitor’s curiosity, ensure you utilize attention-grabbing phrases like “In case you missed it”, “Check this out”, and “Here’s what you may like”.

It’s also important to add a powerful call-to-action button such as “Check it”, “Explore more”, “View now!” and “Go ahead”, “I want to read it,” “I want to read on,” “Continue,” “Let’s see!” etc.

Build Email List With For Monetization

If you have not started building an email list on your blog, start now because ‘the money is in the list’. Email is one of the most valuable assets every blog owner must-have. According to statistics, you should be earning anywhere from $0.70 to $1 or more monthly from every subscriber on your list. Think about that, for every 1000 subscribers; you could earn up to $1000 or more per month!

Build Email

The main obstacle blog owners have in achieving this is that they struggle to get the right tool that is easy to set up, and most existing tools out there are expensive to use. This is where Leaforza blog energizer email popups come into play. Leadforza has many email subscription popups bloggers can use to build a quality email list. All you need is to select the template you want to use and customize it to your test; it takes about 5 minutes to get up and running.

Moreover, if you want an email opt-in popup that will blow the mind of your readers and move them to give you their emails, you can redesign Leadforza templates to the next level or use one of the Time-sensitive popups we have. We recommend your offer your readers something in return, a reward because before they give their email out, they would ask, what is in it for me? To help bloggers do this, they can use Leadforza Download popups, Spin to win popups, scratch to win popup etc.

Increase your social media followers and shares.

The world we live in is dominated by social media. Facebook is now used by 50% of all online users, and it is just one site. It’s best to embrace the idea that in 21st-century marketing, you can’t ignore social media; overlooking its potential to improve, enrich, and add value to your blog is a costly mistake.

Putting all of your effort and time into developing an outstanding blog and choosing to ignore social media can negatively impact your reach, regardless of how fantastic your blog article is.

You can enjoy numerous benefits when you promote your blog on social media. It boosts your site traffic and assists in establishing your online visibility, leading to a boost in your earning potential.

Use LeadForza’s social media popup to connect with a wider audience. It is an excellent tool to get your blog articles shared on social media, leading to better visibility and revenue. In less than five minutes, you can use LeadForza builder to fully customize your social media popup, setting display triggers, durations and other configurations.

LeadForza popups will also empower your social media page, driving more engagement (likes and shares) and followers. It also makes the process of sharing your content across social media platforms quick, easy and hitch-free.

Ensure you leverage social media to get high-quality followers for your blog. Encourage your visitors to share your blog post with a social share popup template and expect higher engagement and traffic:

How can you grow your social media audience?

By making social sharing easier!

It’s been shown in studies that people respect and believe the suggestions of their friends more than other sources of information.

Allow your readers to help raise awareness by adding a social share popup on your blog page.


The online space is characterized by digital commotions and virtual tumult. The competition is intense as over 600 million blogs are active on the internet. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to capture the attention of online visitors.

Popup campaigns can help you improve and take your blog to the next level in terms of user loyalty, retention, dwell time, impression and monetization.

Whether you’ve only been blogging for a few weeks or consider yourself a “blogging expert,” popups can help you optimize your site in a variety of ways.

You should be aware that quality content is the foundation of popups; without it, they will not effectively work. However, popups can really take your site to the next level, provided you deliver the highest quality to your readers.

Grab this opportunity to stay ahead of the competition!

If you want to implement these strategies on your blog, all you have to do issign up for a free LeadForzaaccount. Thanks to our tailored templates and easy-to-use campaign editor, you’ll be ready to design your first campaign in five minutes or less!