A sales popup is a notification that displays information about recent orders, purchases, and checkout information, to show what other online shoppers are buying or have bought.

Sales notifications can no longer be considered a fleeting marketing strategy but are now critical to increasing web traffic, boosting sales and conversions, reducing cart abandonment, and building trust and confidence in new and potential customers.

Due to their many benefits, various businesses of all sizes and sectors have adopted them. Bigwigs in different industries have invested a lot in making high-quality sales notifications.

Today, you can do the same, but only for a token. For instance, a tool like Leadforza has simplified the process of creating your sales popup notification so much that you can have yours designed and integrated into your eCommerce website within minutes.

With Leadforza, you get a user-friendly tool that pays for itself right from your first purchase. The free tool has a plethora of sales notifications and functionalities. No wonder it is one of the most preferred software for creating sales popup notification.

Let us look at some of the reasons why sales notifications are important to your eCommerce business.


  1. Increases sales with FOMO Marketing

This is one of the biggest importance of sales popups. Their impact in boosting sales and conversions cannot be overemphasized.

Sales popup notifications like conversions counter, customer reviews and testimonials, live conversions, and countdown timer can increase your sales by injecting a mix of FOMO (fear of missing out).

A countdown timer, for instance, creates a sense of urgency in your customers to buy your products.

Although humans like to avoid risk, we will most likely make an impulse purchase rather than regret it later. The feeling that others are enjoying a product (high conversions counter) and that a product might soon be unavailable creates FOMO in prospects.


  1. Reduce bounce rates by converting visitors with exit offers

You can also create notifications that serve as exit offers. You have probably seen them before. An exit offer is a sales popup presented to a visitor who tries to leave your site.

More than 90% of your web traffic could leave your site without converting, and this is where exit offers come in.

Presenting an exit offer such as a 5% off coupon on their next purchase can grab the visitor’s attention, ensuring they stay.


  1. Checkout notifications to reduce cart abandonment

Cart abandonment rate stood at 88.95% across all sectors in 2020 and almost 90% in online retail stores. This shows it is a big problem that most businesses face, and you are likely suffering from it too.

Checkout notifications can help solve this problem. This sales popup is important because it notifies web visitors whenever other customers complete the checkout process.

This helps build confidence in your brand, ensuring prospects do not abandon their carts, boosting your revenue.

e commerce pop up
  1. Build massive email lists

Sales popup can also be important in boosting lead generation and building massive email lists. You can get the email address of your web visitors through contests or limited-time offers.

This is done by offering customers the chance to get a great deal if they submit their email. This helps you develop large email lists where you can send product offerings and newsletters.

If a customer does not convert now, they might in the future, so having their contact in the form of email is crucial.


  1. Offer gifts for every purchase

You can also use a sales popup to offer free stuff any time a visitor completes a purchase.

You can give out branded materials like bottle openers or free socks for people who buy shoes and other items that can complement whatever the user has bought.

Branded materials are also a form of advertisement for you, so it’s a win-win situation. It can also build good customer relationships and help clear out excess inventory.


  1. Offer new visitors discount codes

Sales notifications can also be used to offer new visitors discount codes. As difficult as getting traffic on your eCommerce website is, it is more difficult to convert the traffic.

Offering discounts to new web visitors and ensure they convert is great for sales, and you can achieve this with a sales notification.

Visitors can qualify for the discount code after entering their email address, where they will get the promo code.



The use of sales popup and notifications in your eCommerce website is important. Regardless of your business size, sales notifications can make a crucial difference, and they are worth using.

It also does not take much time or expenses to get started. With Leadforza, you can integrate up to 24 different kinds of notifications into your website for only a token.