Popups are widely used across the internet.

They are very effective in eCommerce marketing and promotional initiatives. Proper utilization of popups will optimize your conversion and lead generation.

This is why it is important to set up quality popup templates. They will greatly add value to your business.

Popups have the power to double your email list. They can create awareness for your brand and offers. They are highly functional for your eCommerce business.

Popups are fantastic solutions for your business goals. For instance, they can enhance your social media engagement and help you connect with your site visitors or customers. Popups can also provide your business with a professional appearance.

Let’s show you how popups will put your ecommerce business on the path to success.

What is eCommerce pop up?

pop up

In basic terms, popups on eCommerce sites are graphical interface elements that are used to display promotional or valuable information in a specific area of the website or product page section. They have the characteristics of “unexpectedness” and “suddenness”

Popups can be triggered by activities of the mouse cursor in an area of a webpage or depending on time spent on a site.

Popups are highly effective. According to studies, they can boost conversion by more than 8%. It can, when used correctly, optimize lead generation. On some sites, popups were able to generate 2300 leads in a single month.

In basic terms, popups on eCommerce sites are graphical interface elements that are used to display promotional or valuable information in a specific area of the website or product page section.

Here are some popular types of popups:

Click popups: When a user clicks on a specially designed link or picture on your site or landing page, a pop-up appears.

Timed Popups: Once you’ve spent some time on a website or at an ecommerce store, timed Pop-Ups will appear (shows up). In this scenario, the popup’s trigger to display time is configured by the site administrator.

Scroll percentage popups: They appear as soon as you scroll up or down. This is very common on site with a lot of blogs

Entry popups: These display when a landing page or site has finished loading.

Exit intent popups: This pop-up displays when you are about to leave a website page, particularly a product’s landing page.

Why You Should Start Using Popups in your Ecommerce Stores?

eCommerce stores that employ exit popups on their websites whenever a user tries to leave will see a 600 percent increase in sign-ups.

In fact, a website’s popup is similar to a placard. When visitors access your site, popup banners work in a similar way to placards in terms of visual look.

The human mind always has diverse preferences.  Popups can efficiently break the monotony of the mind and provide site visitors with a unique experience.

Here’s why you should use popups in your eCommerce store:

  • Keep your visitors interested and engaged.
  • An excellent way to connect with shoppers directly
  • Boost customer enthusiasm and interest
  • Great for telling business stories in a concise way.
  • Collect immediate customer feedback.
  • It creates a compelling call to action instantly.
  • Lower the rate of cart abandonment.
  • It instantly attracts the attention of the buyer.
  • Enhanced conversion of web traffic
  • Gain social media followers

eCommerce Popup Best Practices

Use exit Intent popups to motivate shoppers to complete their purchase.

You can avoid situations where customers leave your store without making a purchase. With an exit popup, you can use incentives to encourage them to complete their transaction.

Exit-intent technology from LeadForza allows you to detect your visitor’s mouse movements and display an exit popup whenever the cursor tries to quit the site’s frame. This is a good way to reduce cart abandonment and turn visitors into buying customers, subscribers, or revenues.

This exit-intent popup allows you to convert visitors better by lowering your bounce rate and increasing site engagement in your eCommerce stores.

Offer discount offers to first-time visitors as a welcome surprise.

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s a cardinal rule that you shouldn’t mess things up with first-time shoppers. Every new visitor is an opportunity to increase sales and reach out to more prospective customers inside their sphere of influence. If you give them a bad user experience, they won’t show up in your store for a long time.

Ensure you there’s something to offer them as they arrive on your website or landing page, similar to welcome refreshments for home guests.

Discount coupons are by far the most common type of promotional offer. So, present them with delightful incentives like coupon pop-ups, free delivery or a price slash for their first purchase.

Other practices include:

  • Allow site visitors to have access to incentives by submitting their email addresses.
  • Encourage customers to make purchases by adding a coupon code for their current order
  • Enhance the shopping experience by displaying unique offers at specified time of day.
  • Design one-of-a-kind daily promo for all visitors.
  • Use geo-targeted offers to attract visitors from a certain country (New Year sale, Xmas discounts, Eid promos, and more)
  • Allow visitors to easily share your material on social media.
  • Use easy-to-answer survey popups to gather immediate feedback.
  • Allow visitors to easily share your material on social media.
  • Allow customers to keep discount codes for later use by collecting their email addresses.
  • Create special giveaway to attract new subscribers to your email newsletter.

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