The women’s wig industry has seen a rise in demand, especially in the evolving e-commerce market, a demand that is due mainly to how easy it is to access high-quality wigs. According to research by Statista, the market value for hair wigs and extensions worldwide will reach a whopping $13.38 billion by 2026.

The trend shows no sign of reducing, showcasing the shift in consumer preferences and how including innovative strategies in your women’s wig online store can enhance sales and conversion rates. In this article, we will look at seven ways you can use pop-ups to boost sales and conversion on your wig ecommerce store.

A Glimpse into the Women’s Wig Trend

With an upward trend that started in the 17th century, wigs are one of the products that have continued to dominate fashion trends; the aesthetics and versatility wigs offer make them an essential part of women’s fashion items, sometimes men as well.

Wigs make a great styling option. Because they come in different forms and colors, they help those who wear them express their personality. It has a very broad audience as it is used by both fashion lovers and people dealing with the issue of hair loss. This makes the business appealing and lucrative.

So, if you are running a wig e-commerce business, your conversion rate, from all channels, should be good because there is a huge demand. Whether you are hitting the right conversion rate or not, here we you will see how you can engage your visitors and boost your sales by turning them into paying customers.

1. Infuse Urgency through Time-Limited Offers

Use your popup to create a sense of urgency to drive visitors to your ecommerce website to make purchases or complete the task you want them to take. Using limited-time offers popups, you can create exclusive, time-bound offers, creating a feeling of urgency that will play on your user’s fear of missing out on the deal, prompting them to make quick purchasing decisions.

You can make the popup appear anywhere on your ecommerce website and add a compelling call to action that will drive the user to where you want them to be. The limited-time offer popup should feature a countdown timer that will really drive the urgency. On the popup, you can highlight words like “Limited-time only” or “This weekend only”, etc. However, be careful how you add them to avoid using too much.

2. Forge Personal Connections with Behavior-Driven Pop-ups

Use behavior-driven popups to personalise your ecommerce marketing. You can analyse the behavior and preferences of users on your online store, learn the products that they are interested in, and create a popup that is tailored around their preferences.

Using personalised popups that resonate with your users increases the likelihood that your users will engage with the popup, increasing your conversion rate.

According to a 2017 survey by Epsilon, they found that 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that offers personalised experiences. This is a really good number and shows how implementing a personalised popup on your wig ecommerce website will effectively enhance user experience and conversion.

3. Exit-Intent Pop-ups: A Conversion Lifesaver

Another tool you can really use on your ecommerce website is the exit-intent popup. When used correctly, they are a real lifesaver and can transform a potential exit into a purchase. How does this popup work? The popup monitors the cursor’s movement, appearing when the cursor goes towards the exit page section.

The popup usually features a last-minute offer or discount that will entice the user to stay on the site. This strategy is a great way to reduce cart abandonment on your site and get your users to complete their purchases.

4. Engage and Reward with Interactive Pop-ups

Give users of your website a fun experience as you enrich your site with interactive popups that feature gamified elements like spin-to-win wheels and quizzes. You can enhance user engagement by offering enticing rewards to users who participate.

Using the gamified popup, you can offer incentives like promo codes, free shipping, coupon codes, and more. According to OptinMonster, gamified popups can improve subscription rates by up to 30%. Gamified popups trigger users’ love for rewards, increasing your chances of engagement and conversion.

5. Amplify Lead Generation with Captivating Pop-ups

Use your popup to capture leads for your eCommerce website to build your email list. Using a lead capture popup like a sign-up form, you can get your users to subscribe to your newsletter or join your mailing list. By including incentives like exclusive offers, discounts, or helpful content, you can encourage your users to submit their contact information and join your email list.

Using an email list, you can build relationships with your customers, get users to come back and improve sales. However, don’t forget to add, “By signing up, you agree to receive email marketing.”

6. Boost Average Order Value with Upsell and Cross-sell Pop-ups

Use upsell and cross-sell popups to recommend additional products similar to the one the customer already has in their cart. Using this popup, you can suggest a related or higher-value alternative to the product the user has in their cart, encouraging them to make another purchase.

Using this strategy, you enhance the user’s shopping experience on your website, offering them relevant product suggestions and increasing your revenue.

7. Refine Pop-up Aesthetics and Content for Optimal Conversions

Another crucial factor to consider when creating a popup for your ecommerce website is the aesthetics and content of the popup. These play a really big role in the effectiveness of the popup. The goal of creating a popup is to get the user to complete a conversion.

However, with the correct elements and conditions, you may be able to achieve this. When adding popups to your site, ensuring they are visually appealing, resonate with your brand identity, and have a clear and compelling message and a persuasive call to action is essential. This way, you communicate with the user the value of what you are presenting and get them to take action.

There are so many strategies out there that you can implement to grow your women’s wig online store. However, the key to finding the right strategy for your ecommerce store is testing, testing and testing. When implementing these strategies, keep in mind that you have to maintain balance, ensuring that users on your site get the best experience unhindered by popups.